Is It Too Much of A Good Thing, Or Too Little of the Real Thing?  

You probably know someone who considers themselves “very confident.”

They wear their, *ahem*, “overconfidence” on their sleeves. Often to the detriment of other people. 

But is it real confidence? Or do they belong to a group we at ACI like to call “confidence imposters?” 

This week, we’re taking some time to break down the causes of cockiness, arrogance, and all the different kinds of “confidence villains.”  

Why confidence villains? 

Because while these behaviors look like signs of confidence on the surface, they’re actually diametrically opposed to real confidence – and often, a cry for help. 

So if you’ve found yourself in scenarios like…

…dealing with a boss who unfairly questions your contribution in the workplace….

…putting up with a coworker who never misses an opportunity to publicly correct you…  

…or stifling an eye-roll when you hear words like “What do you mean you haven’t read X?”…  

…then this episode of Real Confidence is a must-listen! 

Get actionable tips to not only manage your confidence around these villains, but also identify and even handle other people’s! 

You’ll also hear: 

  • What bullies and drug addicts have in common
  • How much confidence is too much confidence
  • Why more money or success doesn’t equate with more confidence  
  • Why confidence without competence makes us dangerous to ourselves and others
  • How to engineer more win/win situations with the “confidence bullies” in your life 

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