How To Give The Bullies In Your Life What They Deserve (No, Seriously!) 

I get asked to speak on a variety of topics. 

Most of them are on very similar topics: confidence in the workplace, confidence to give presentations, confidence to participate in meetings, psychological safety, etc. 

But every so often, I get a request that surprises me. One request in particular happened when I was asked to give a keynote for the second year in a row at a nursing conference. 

“Would you come talk to us about how to handle bullies?

Turns out, it was a discussion the nursing world needed to have – and it’s a topic ALL us Confidence Crusaders need to understand. 

“Bullying” is much more than that thing your boss loves to do. 

Whether you realize it or not, you’re under constant bombardment from subtle (and not-so-subtle) bullies – on Zoom calls, in the supermarket, on social media, at family events, at the dog park – you name it. 

And chances are, you’ve given them full license to drain your confidence. 

Check out the next podcast in my Real Confidence series,  “How To Deal With Grown-Up Bullies”, and learn how you can: 

  • Start identifying the other bullies in your life you might be blind to 
  • Recognize which of the “Big Fearful Three” your confidence bullies are preying on, and start taking back the power
  • Empower the bully in your life with the confidence they desperately need (huh?) 
  • Stop being a subtle bully to others (yeah – you too!) 

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