So you’re ready for a career change…

Maybe you’ve had it with that useless boss of yours. 

Maybe you’re done languishing in a position that’s not giving back to you. 

Or maybe you’re just plain bored. 

Whatever the reason, just the thought of “changing stripes” can be a real challenge to one’s confidence. 

For most people, it opens up a host of tough questions, like: 

“What do I want more of in my life and in my career right now?” 

“What’s missing?” 

“What am I really hungry for?” 

In this episode, we’re talking to Cat Breet, host of “Planet Work”, about the steps a person should have take the moment they realize they’re no longer thrilled with their current occupation. Change is usually scary – but you can use that fear as fuel to find a job that you’ll wish you had sooner.

Listen in as we discuss why: 

  • It’s easy to blame a bad boss for being unhappy at work, but the best way to find your next right step is to understand the root cause of your unhappiness
  • Financial, family and other obligations make it harder – but not impossible – to take risks when it comes to career change

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