Why Everyone Could Use A Little Rejection Here And There….  

No kidding – life happens. 

For all the planning and preparing we do, circumstances beyond our control are bound to impact us for better and worse. 

If you’ve ever taken a tough loss, you know how hard that pill can be to swallow. 

Whether it’s dealing with let downs in your professional career, or platonic or romantic relationship rejections, the after effects of disappointments can rattle around in our brains for years. 

They keep us up at night – and sometimes wake us up early the next day. Sometimes they even seem to physically hurt. 

Left unchecked, they can completely rob us of motivation and reduce physical resilience.

But disappointment isn’t all bad. 

It’s part of what we have to do, like it or not, to learn, grow, and become our best selves. The trick is to learn to use disappointment in a way that’s more productive. That’s where our confidence has a chance to get stronger, more resilient and quicker to recover.

In this episode, we’re talking easy ways you can reframe even major losses into major learnings. Learn three habits to help you: 

  • Harness disappointments as part of the confidence process
  • Objectively examine what went wrong to appreciate, not self-deprecate
  • Imprint what went right to repeat desired behaviors and outcomes
  • Protect your confidence from future inevitable life fireballs

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