At 18-years-old, Oregon-native Tessabella Jelten had negative thirty-six cents in her bank account. A freshman at Arizona State, Tessabella was enamored with renovation and real estate shows on HGTV, and was determined to someday rub elbows with her TV idols. Less than a decade later, the 25-year-old has worked with her heroes en route to more than $23 million in real estate sales, becoming a nationally recognized real estate coach, and owning her own businesses. 

Pick Up the Pace

To achieve such success in such a short time, Tessabella employs an accelerated approach to making her dreams a reality. “I love to run my life on 12-Week years, so the goals or resolutions that one would normally set for themselves for an entire year, I condense to 12-weeks,” she explains. “With this, I also hold myself accountable to mandatory 90-day resets. Meaning that at the end of each 12-week sprint I take at least 2 full days to go somewhere, unplug and completely reset–mind, body and spirit.” In addition to propelling her to rapid growth, Tessabella also insists that this helps avoid burnout by ensuring that she never gets stuck on one task too long. 

Embrace the Stress

Additionally, Tessabella says that the usual stress and pressure that others establish methods to escape are something she enjoys. “I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing,” she jokes. “But I actually thrive under pressure and stress, so I invite these times of pressure and or turbulence, because I know that it typically leads into some of my biggest breakthroughs and successes.” To keep herself in check, she utilizes breathing exercises and makes sure to schedule time for relaxation and activities that she enjoys, whether that be yoga, painting, running, golf or the 10-minute power naps she swears by.

Tips from Tessabella

While she may only be 25, Tessabella has nearly a decade of experience already. In that time, as she puts it, she has “cracked the code,” and is eager to share her wisdom with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of it, like sticking to a schedule, particularly in her morning routine, or breaking large goals into smaller, less daunting goals are common techniques. One bit of advice, however, goes deeper. “Be wildly committed to the journey, not so much the destination,” she says. “Be open to the notion that your journey may change (it definitely will, she adds). Never let a fork in the road scare you.”


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