The best real estate photo editing services listed below will quickly improve photos of houses, commercial buildings, etc. These teams of professionals can correct colors and brightness, adjust white balance, remove unnecessary objects, perform lawn retouching. Using such tricks, retouchers can considerably enhance the overall look of a photo and make it more appealing for potential buyers.

If you are a real estate agent or an amateur photographer from smart city, make sure to read this article, as it will provide you with detailed descriptions of three efficient real estate photo editing companies. They offer affordable pricing and high-quality services.

1. FixThePhoto

Portfolio: When you visit the official website of this company offering real estate photo editing services, you will see a gallery with many samples of already edited real estate pictures and amazing interior photography examples. Also, under the Example tab, you will find examples of such services as color change, unwanted object removal and background replacement.

Turnaround: Usually, it takes them from one to three days to edit your photos. Our order was completed within twenty-four hours.

Pricing Policy: FixThePhoto provides real estate photo editing services for affordable prices. It will cost you from $2 to $10 to enhance one photo. You can also order batch editing.  

Packages: They offer three packages. Depending on how complex your order is and what content you need to edit, you are offered to pick Basic, Pro or High-End Level options. By purchasing the Basic package, you can count that experts will enhance your photos using Lightroom and Photoshop. They can also crop your images, set the white balance and correct the color scheme to make your real estate photography look perfect.

The Pro package has such extra options as HDR editing, adding blur effect and lawn retouching. The High-End Level is suitable for professional real estate photo editing. After purchasing this pack, you can order sky replacement, flash shadow removal or surface cleaning. There are also tools for improving the interior and exterior.

Discounts: You can also expect a price cut when your order batch editing. If you need to process 50-250 images, you’ll get a 15% discount off your order. Order editing from 250 to 1000 photos in one go, and you’ll be granted a 30% discount for a month. You’ll get a 50% discount after ordering editing 1000-5000 images per one order.

Placing an Order: You need to upload images from your PC using Dropbox, WeTransfer or by sending them in an email attachment.

Custom Support: Their team provides clients with 24/7 customer support.

Overall Impression: In our opinion, FixThePhoto provides you with high-quality real estate photo editing services. Our images were realistically enhanced. The retouchers adjusted the lighting, softened the shadows and improved the white balance. The result was excellent.

We were amazed at how nice the FixThePhoto team enhanced the colors. They became more saturated and natural.

Additionally, real estate photo editing experts replaced the background, deleted unnecessary objects and added amazing reflections on the windows.

Now, it seems like an image was taken by a professional photographer who used expensive optics. Besides, with all these improvements, the photo doesn’t look artificial.

It’s great that the company’s services are not very expensive and each package offers a great variety of tools for improving the images.

What is more, you can find many freebies on the website and try to enhance your photos by yourself. But before you do it, take a look at their blog where you’ll find many real estate photo tips and tricks.

2. WeEdit.Photos

Portfolio: You can find the previously fulfilled orders under the Portfolio tab. All the photos are organized based on the real estate photo editing effects applied. The images are also sorted according to the retouching levels. Here, you can also see the price of each order. Unfortunately, there are not many examples given here and we expect to see more soon.

Turnaround: Our order was fulfilled in a day and a half. It is quite quick but FixThePhoto completed the task more promptly.

Pricing Policy: The price for their real estate photo editing services varies from $0,05 to $10 per image.

Packages: They offer five packages for their clients to choose from, such as Culling, Color Correction, Basic, Pro and Extra options. The Basic package includes such improvements as image cropping and adjusting the color scheme. The Pro pack offers more color enhancement options. With the Extra package photo editors will add some objects to the image or remove the unnecessary elements, add HDR or apply some interesting Photoshop effects.

Discounts: If you have from WeEdit.Photos or your rate exceeds $300, you can get a 15% discount. Place an order starting at $1500 and you’ll be granted a 30% discount.

Placing an Order: To use these real estate photo editing tools. you need to register on the website. You can pay for the order via PayPal.

Customer Support: Click on the Online field to get in touch with customer support. They are very quick to answer and can help you with any issue.

Overall Impression: If you use this service, you’ll see that it offers many advantages. But still, some things need to be improved.

First of all, the company doesn’t offer a specific batch of services for real estate photo editing. You need to pick up some separate options that could enhance your photo. It is not very convenient as you may forget about something that might be crucial for getting a perfect image.

We ordered color correction and culling. The retouchers added extra light but they didn’t manage to eliminate some dark spaces.

The photo editors also improved the white balance, adjusted brightness settings and removed harsh highlights. The result of shadows correction was great. They achieved a harmonious effect without concealing significant details.

The retouchers enhanced the color scheme to create a lighter and more natural-looking image.

We also ordered such real estate photo editing services as unnecessary objects removal and background enhancement. Unfortunately, they could not perform these tasks within the package we selected.

The website is easy to navigate and has a simple design. There is a FAQ section where you can find some useful info. In their blog, you can read some tips and tutorials on real estate photo editing.

3. Phixer

Portfolio: In the Portfolio section, there are images that are not grouped according to the type of services but arranged in an album which is not always convenient.

Turnaround: We received the fulfilled order in three days, although they promise to send it within 24 hours.

Pricing Policy: The price of editing one image ranges to $25.

Packages: The company offers five packages for real estate photo editing. These are Basic, Pro, High-End, Extra Photo Retouching and Photo Manipulation and Restoration. The basic options available in every pack include color correction, picture cropping and rotation. The pro features include background replacement or enhancement, adding HDR effects, shadow correction, etc.

They do not have such specific tools like removing unnecessary items, replacing TV images or window cut-outs, whereas FixThePhoto offers these services at affordable prices.

Discounts: There is no information concerning discounts or special offers on the website.

Placing an Order: You only need to upload an image, choose a package and wait for the result. The first step is to press the Get Started button and enter the required data in the form. Then, you need to upload photos.

Customer Support: Phixer provides friendly customer support but only at certain hours.

Overall Impression: Unfortunately, the five packages offered by Phixer do not offer all the necessary tools for all your editing needs. To get your photo improved, you have to order several packages or do some photo editing yourself.

There are also no specific real estate photo editing options, such as removing objects, enhancing the color scheme of the lawn, retouching flaws in pieces of furniture, etc.

The result didn’t satisfy us. The white balance was not adjusted and the sharpness of shadows was not reduced.

The correction of the color scheme was also performed poorly. The shades became faded and unnatural.

We were also disappointed with the quality of light correction. We wanted photo editors to add extra lighting but this task wasn’t done at a high level.

In truth, all the packs offer only basic real estate photo editing services. So, the pricing policy is very high. The most disappointing is the absence of discounts and special offers.