Nearly four months before, the entire country was flashed with the most unexpected brave and heroic news of migrant workers from metro & cities living the cities walking on roads miles and miles, hours and hours, days and days to reach their homes in villages.

Heroic courage of the Migrant Workers:

Many of us were shocked, surprised, worried, anxious and apprehensive about the courageous act of these people during the most risky and dangerous situation of Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us can’t even imagine walking for 50 kms and now we saw the poor, needy, helpless, abandoned, homeless, jobless people walking on roads with small kids, small children, young and old along with their small bags of clothes and food. Most of them did not even have a proper pair of chappals, but these brave migrants didn’t look at themselves they looked at the road ahead not with fear but with courage.

How could they walk thousands of kilometres is the question asked by, many of us? The answer is all the helpless migrant worker were brave had the courage to fight. Fight every odd situation and reach their destination their HOME. Each migrant wanted to be with their families, parents, relatives at their home in the villages.

These migrants were helpless but not hopeless. They were needy but were Courageous.

They could walk without food, water and proper rest just because they had incredible Courage.  The whole country was shocked to see such heroic courage in these daily wage earners, mostly unnoticed by all us before they did this heroic deed. Today every migrant is known for the courage, courage not to give up but do something very difficult to overcome the situation. To make a way where there seems to be no way.

These migrants don’t live a comfy life, but rather live a very difficult life. Words are not enough to describe their everyday struggle. Struggle for basic needs, but what is encouraging and inspiring to learn from them “is they did not give up.” They face most difficult moment’s with courage. 

Today we need to realise that the most unnoticed and ignored people of our country have done such incredible heroic deed which is noticed and honoured by the entire world. Every one of us have developed a respect and feeling of reverence for them. No reward or award can match their deeds nor any monetary help can compensate the hardship they went through their journey on foot.

Their courage was heroic and so was their journey heroic.

These are the real-life heroes we need to learn from them.

It’s time today not just to praise our migrant workers but to learn from them.

Learn to be courageous in facing everyday life, do not give up, do not be sad, do not feel hopeless else try to always thing how to face every sad situation with courage.

Always think I can…I can always remind yourselves that most helpless migrant did not give up for months, days, hours and fought back daily for meals, shelter, clothes, milk, medicines, money, debt.

Fight your fear and tears. Every migrant fought their fears & tears and got the courage from the tears. They choose not to cry but to walk without help.

Do not wait for help and feel helpless. They did not wait for some help to arrive rather their courage helped then. Not to cry but to find a way.

Today every migrant is known for their courageous and heroic deed in the most dangerous time.

What is the simple, meaning of Courage?

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens oneself.

Remember Nelson Mandela once said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

So do not give up…give up in life, studies, work, profession, relationship, failure, critical situations and list goes on…we have many challenges to face in life and we should not give up…We can be in a situation where we feel helpless, lonely alone but we all can overcome all such fearful moments with COURAGE.

Be courageous, and Don’t give up…Life is very precious learn to be brave and courageous.