Women are expected to behave in a cookie-cutter fashion: to show up in full hair and make-up, to wear heels, to be whatever everyone else wants them to be. Many women do fit the bill, but if we are really honest, it’s challenging to try to fit into that mold every day, and even more challenging to break it altogether.

For bad*ss women like Nicole Cherie Barker, such challenges are opportunities that light the fire under her entrepreneurial spirit. “I know that being my true self is what attracts my true believer,” says Nicole, “and that’s why I coach my clients to unapologetically unleash who they really are. No pretending. No faking it until they make it. Because the truth just sounds different.”

And her f-bomb and client-attraction approach is working. Nicole calls it her “unicorn” approach in reference to finding and attracting one’s perfect ideal audience. Nicole runs a successful Facebook group with over 10,000 members where she teaches “high-vibe Wonder Women” how to attract unicorn clients. She encourages her group members to show up authentically, bringing reciprocal energy to create not only success, but also the oh-so-important aspect of fulfillment.

Maybe this works so well because Nicole consistently practices what she preaches, as she has grown her digital marketing business by leaps and bounds. Her focus on alignment has brought her viable outcomes: results that she sells with self-assurance and authority.

She knows that her program is not for everyone. “One of the best-kept secrets of attraction marketing is actually repelling the wrong client. I don’t tolerate ‘mean girl’ antics in my group,” says Nicole. “Not even the back-handed variety. Toxic positivity is just as damaging as hate. I have turned down wrong-fit clients because now, in owning my own business, I get to choose whom I work with. I’m not willing to bend my values for the sake of the dollar.”

Where did this ambition come from? Nicole didn’t follow what you would call a traditional entrepreneurial path. After high school, she started bartending and became well-known in the Reno nightlife scene, in part because she won several bartending competitions. That’s when Nicole discovered the real power of hospitality and of selling from a true place of service. By following her instincts, Nicole built a personal brand for herself through social media. Naturally, entrepreneurs and businesses wanted to know her secret to promoting herself, so she became a consultant: helping bar and nightclub owners build wildly successful brands and businesses, along with developing their product programs, managerial teams, and rockstar staff.

Since then, Nicole has continued to chase her ambitions. “I’m on a mission to help Wonder Coaches to actually enjoy their empires without endless launches by helping them to develop superpower systems that scale,” says Nicole. She gets results for herself and her high-ticket clients by combining mindset and strategy into actionable steps. In just six months, Nicole has enrolled 73 clients into her worldwide programs.

Through overcoming abusive relationships, sexual harassment, and the tragic deaths of her son’s father and her best friend, Nicole has learned the value of resilience and self-reliance. She encourages other women to thrive: “I believe that even when we go through tough times, we still get to write our own transformational stories. Life is not happening to you, it’s happening FOR you!”

Clearly, Nicole is her own best example of making life happen for herself. Nicole’s program stands out among all the others because she’s unapologetically herself, and because she has gone all-in, she’s 100% focused on delivering value for her clients.

Also, Nicole isn’t afraid to deliver tough love when that’s what her clients need. “I tell them the way you do one thing is the way you do ALL things,” Nicole says. Maybe that means building a Facebook group or designing your sales system, but really, in the day-to-day, it means how you treat yourself. “The way you think and feel about yourself and your business directly impacts your clients,” says Nicole. She knows the value of mindset practice and overcoming limiting beliefs. Her unconventional strategies dive deep and help her clients create longevity in the rapidly expanding online coaching industry.

So what’s next for this groundbreaking entrepreneur?

Nicole doesn’t have plans to lower her ambitions anytime soon. Her podcast, Real Unicorns Don’t Wear Pants, is in the works, and she is currently writing a novel focused on her soul life journey, based on the transformational events in her own life. The proceeds from the book will benefit an international charity of which she is a trustee. The organization focuses on helping women to reach their goals after surviving domestic abuse.

If you are ambitious and looking for a group of other high vibe women, join Nicole and her group of unicorn-attracting Wonder Women. Remember: “Action takers get results, and change doesn’t take time, only intention!” Mean girls, or Hyenas as Nicole likes to call them, need not apply!

Nicole Cherie Barker, CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction, has been featured on NBC, CBS, and FOX, among other publications. She has helped thousands of women attract their unicorn clients with ease without cold outreach. Learn her client attraction secrets by joining her free group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wonderwomenthrive