Every second is vital nowadays especially as our lives have turned into a mountain of to do lists. Many of us are time-poor which is exactly why we need to make every minute count, such as when you’re filling your car up with fuel. Yes thats right, you can pull a few moves without onlookers even noticing.

Multi- tasking is commonplace and keeping fit can be time- consuming. Therefore if you’re having a hectic week but still want to remain active, why not get more for your time by “doubling up.”

At some point, we all stand in queues, be it in the supermarket or post office, or even waiting for your favourite group to play at a concert or festival. Therefore you can fill in some time being constructive; get to feel good, not just physically, but mentally too. It helps your overall wellbeing. It’s so discreet too, no-one will know what you are doing:


Clench those bottom cheeks together as tight as you can without moving your back or abs. Repeat for 20. If time allows, continue with another set of 20.

Instead of reading or browsing the internet on your phone, do the following whilst on the loo, (actually once you become a professional, you can do all three together):


Clinch your Pelvic floor together. Only for 10 this time as this is harder. Similarly to the above, you shouldn’t be using your abs or your bottom. Try not to rush and never under- estimate how difficult it actually is, especially after experiencing child birth.

Whist in a car whether driving (obviously when you’ve stopped at traffic lights or in queuing traffic) or as a passenger, why not try some simple neck exercises:


Roll next around ensuring chin touches your chest, then looking up at the sky, ears almost touching shoulders. Another one is turning to look right, down and up. Then try hunching your shoulders up and down.

It’s summer season (I promise) which means more of us are getting away from the hustle and bustle, and travelling to sunnier climes on an airplane. It’s the ideal time for chilling with some light stretches. The usual cool down exercises will keep deep vein thrombosis at bay. I do these when I’m waiting in the queue for the loo.


Quads or rather quadriceps are easy as you bend a leg back behind you. Foot to your bottom, keeping both knees together. Hold for 20 seconds.

From there you can ease into stretching your calves by leaning forward, again keeping knee in line with your toes. Ensure that the back foot of the other leg remains on the floor and doesn’t lift. Hold for 20 seconds. Do the same on the other leg.

No excuses for this one as we all brush teeth. work out the legs, shouldn’t affect the productivity. Now this is clever. You’ve just got to remain stable:


Start with feet hip width apart. Stick your bottom out and squat.

Even more effective is the one legged squats where you bend one knee, keeping it in line with your toes, don’t go over. Down you go for 10 seconds and back up. Repeat 10 times.

Enjoy your toned body.