A writing instructor told me never to start a paragraph with a question. Now I’ve gotten that out of the way ~ If living your dreams meant taking a risk, would you do it?

I’ve never looked at shooting for my dreams as taking a risk, yet I have ~ repeatedly. Most recently, leaving a job two years ago to settle into writing and be more independent. The dream, to write. The actuality, our oldest son, will live with us six months a year, and one of us will need to be home with him. As an adult with a disability and limited activities available to him, we felt that I could work on my writing while monitoring him. I’ve also fallen in love with a ranch full of alpacas, so occasional ranch work is also in my future.

Another dream of mine for 20+ years about to be actualized by taking a risk ~ we’ve sold our home and are moving to Colorado. Waiting for boys to graduate and our future home to call out to us, my dream of living in the woods with nature is about to happen. Without risk? No. We must find one good job, a home, make new friends, find a new community, and learn how to drive in the snow again.

Most dreams require some risk. If we don’t dream, life is dull, unimaginative, scary, or routine. My friends say they are proud of me for doing it, for going after my dreams yet I feel I always have. I’ve moved to different states, traveled, met many people along the way, and experienced different careers. If getting something you want requires risk, then I say go for it. If no one is harmed in the process, then we should shoot for our dreams. The risk is a part of that.

Originally published at medium.com