“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.” Mina Murray

I know Journaling sounds boring and you never tried it. Even Drinking Beer seems bitter but you anyway sip it. Because it helps you experience heaven without going there. Well, the same is the situation with Journaling. Even though sitting and writing seem monotonous it can make your life heaven without even drinking beer. 

Having a clear ‘why’ is crucial to get you started. I am sure after reading the whole article you will be motivated to start.

What is Journaling?

Before we start, Let me Define Journaling.

Can you imagine a situation in which you are entering a room full of mirrors but you are not able to see yourself? Strange isn’t it?

It’s because the mirror has a lot of dirt and dust that you cannot see your reflection. You find a mop and try to clean the mirror and in that process, you see your reflection. Such a great feeling to see yourself there. This is journaling to me. We have messed up our life with the dirt of thoughts in mind which seeks cleaning by writing.

You try to seek advice from people, struggle to know your strengths. Even though every answer is within you. It’s a process to find yourself.

If you are not Journaling You are at Loss

We are having 6200 thoughts in a day, we are not aware of all of them which is why capturing your thoughts is essential. Your thoughts are money which you are not putting to treasure rather wasting it. 

Do you know what thoughts you are missing out on?

Some can be the ideas for your startup that can earn you millions.

Some can end your confusion and make a decision.

Some can be the invention of things that can evolve mankind.

Some can be the title of a book that can turn out to be a Bestseller.

Every day your mind is fed with million-dollar ideas which you are letting go of.

Write them, execute them to live a million-dollar life.

Improves Communication Skills

Creativity is another thing that every human mind is gifted with but we lack in communicating the ideas effectively. Journaling is a practice where we write what we believe in straight from the heart without fear of being judged because you won’t judge your thoughts. If we practice writing things with conviction that truth reflects when we speak. Improve your writing to communicate effectively.

This article that you are reading is journaling to me. I am writing my thoughts, with all my faith trying to communicate my message to you.

God is trying to communicate with you

Only if you want to listen to HIM, you can hear him.

According to my, thoughts are a means through which the creator is trying to communicate with you. Not all, few of them are. Have you heard that Ideas come from the Universe?

I know you are confused. Let’s talk about a few incidents which can help you believe that I might be right to some extent. Sometimes you get an idea and you act upon them and start seeing results. Sometimes you get the reminder of things that have a deadline. You remember it at the perfect time. At times working on your intuition turns out to be the best decision.

End of Anxiety

Dumping everything on paper makes you feel lighter and you can attain the position of mindfulness. Mindfulness is important because you think better when you have fewer thoughts. Fewer thoughts calm your mind and reduce stress.

I hope this motivates you to get started. Start small, write what are you grateful for, how you are feeling today, what are your dreams. Even though it seems boring do it anyway to enjoy its benefits. Journal to reflect because thoughts are vague stories but words make it more simplified.