I’ m sure that before the current year, to a greater or lesser extent, we all experienced some difficult situations. But for many years, nothing has been able to affect the whole world as deeply as the Covid-19 pandemic has done. When we observe all the wear and tear caused, we might think there’s nothing to be thankful for.

Writing made things bearable.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus has managed to put us all in a big trouble. It has done it in such a way that we’ve seen the best and the worst of ourselves exposed. However, what I want to talk about is the good side of us that we’ve shown: how we’ve come together to face the worst, how we’ve been resilients (many of us are still at it) and how we’ve used the survival instinct that’s inside of us, even if that means learning new things or picking up old hobbies that we had left behind. In my own case, writing has been my salvation and what has made things more bearable for me.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic I didn’t take writing as seriously as I’ve done in the last four months, although I had always found some space to write from time to time. I even created a collaborative blog where I used to post, one that had to close last April after a few years of existence. That event, along with the situation we continue to face to date (coronavirus effects) increased my need for a more personal expression, pushing me to find refuge and comfort in writing like never before. A month later (after the closing of the collaborative blog), I decided to open my personal blog, one I’ve been updating regularly.

I decided to try new things.

The start of my personal blog led me to things I never imagined. I decided to be more constant, try new things or ways of doing and see how far I could go. In this short period of time, I have noticed many advances that i feel proud of. But firstly is the improvement as a writer.

I dared to start writing a novel when all that i did before was writing articles and short poetry. I tried to write longer pieces in English and share them here in the Thrive Global community, I felt very happy when the first one was published. But not only that, I surprisingly dared to put my voice to the topics I write about on my personal blog and that’s how my podcast was born.

I can’t tell how but everything I dared to try has encouraged me to start a business around writing. A week ago,  I launched a shop of poetic designs, a project that I face with a lot of enthusiasm and that fills me with joy. It’s something I’ve been working on for weeks and my heart comes out of my chest every time I see all the things I’ve dared to start.

There are many personal challenges that I have before me and fears to continue conquering. Anyway, I’m determined to face what life is putting in my way and trust that, at least, the adventure will be worth it. We’ll see what happens next but there are always good reasons to dare.

Why i want to say thank you.

I know that the Covid-19 pandemic has thwarted many plans that I had and hit me hard in certain vital aspects, as it has done with almost all of us. But I also have a lot to thank this pandemic. If not because of it, I would have procrastinated all the decisions I’ve made during this period. Decisions that are making me grow. But, above all, decisions that are making me feel happy and blessed. Feel blessed against all odds.