Recent changes in the architectural segment have increasingly inspired the development of custom projects. Innovations are apparent in several aspects: materials, style, finish, among others. However, it is necessary to take some care so that all requirements are properly met. In these cases, the ideal is to seek the services of a custom home builder.

Custom developments often bring advantages to customers. Projects are not merely architectural. In addition to beautifying the facades and the internal environment, improvements such as energy savings and functional location of rooms and components are evaluated. Therefore, the degree of complexity required in these processes must be met by a custom house builder.


A builder of custom homes must be aware of some aspects during the design and execution of projects. Are they:

  • Customer Request: The main consideration when designing a home is the customer’s desire. In this way, the builder of customized houses needs to adapt the client’s request to the technical standards determined by the inspection bodies;
  • Material of construction: The material of construction to be used must be reliable and durable for the application in question. Because of this, the aesthetic concern must also take into account the mechanical properties of the construction material;
  • Space distribution: The even distribution of space is essential to ensure the functionality of the indoor environment. Thus, the builder of custom homes must treat the divisions of the house as an object of study;
  • Cost: Material optimization can reduce customer costs. The study, therefore, must be minimalist. All design and construction steps must be followed, but it is essential that there are no unnecessary expenses during these processes.


Customizing applications is a highlight of Casas Acadia. The projects developed by the company have a specialized architectural monitoring, instructed to offer the best solutions, according to the latest trends in civil construction. The terms offered by the company are closed in a contract and followed to the letter, with no unforeseen circumstances for the customer. Furthermore, there are specialized and targeted projects for any application. The customer can give his opinion throughout the entire process, selecting which characteristics he wants in the final project.

No matter how much you are building on already developed land, you and your architect should carefully research zoning or deed restrictions. For example, you may be required to locate your home in a particular part of the lot. And keep all structures some distance from the property line, leaving insufficient space for that three-car garage you want. To avoid surprises, consider having an attorney explain all restrictions and estimate work on site (either through the builder or yourself) before completing a land purchase.

Because the process of building a custom home is truly custom, you will typically spend much more time designing and building your new home than working alongside a production home builder. During each stage of the design, you will have a myriad of choices to make to make your home truly only. Due to the number of options, it is not uncommon for custom home buyers to experience more emotional swings than a production home buyer during their home construction process. That said, knowing what to expect at each stage, and especially what choices you will make and when, can make your home customization process go smoothly and result in the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Armed with the information we’ve provided, you’re ready to decide whether a production or custom home builder is right for you. A good production or custom home builder will deliver a high quality custom home for you with much better energy efficiency and indoor air quality than a typical resale home. Therefore, the differences are restricted to how many options you will want to evaluate to determine a single look and feel for your new home.