While choosing between firm mattress and soft mattresses, two factors count the most. That is your own personal preference and secondly whether you are suffering from back pain. There are many who prefer to sleep on soft bed while some prefer hard mattresses for better support. If you are confused between the two then it will be better to read this write up.

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Before proceeding any further, we need to make clear what we mean by firm or hard mattress and soft mattress. You can find few foam mattresses which are softer as compared to innerspring mattress. At the same time, there are few foam mattresses that can be much harder too.

Sometimes you cannot decide hard or soft mattress based on the advice of manufacturers. Soft mattress specified by one manufacturer may be hard mattress to another manufacturer. It is a relative term and at the end of the day, it is you who will decide by inspecting whether it is hard or soft for you. Your perception of soft mattress can be very hard for some other individual.

Some of the manufacturers however have come out with a figure like providing foam density, hardness etc. The unit of foam density is kilogram per cubic meter.

Innerspring mattress

In this category of mattress spring is made to bear certain amount of weight. Therefore, a firm mattress that you have selected may look like soft mattress, if the person’s weight is much heavier than you. Springs are also designed to carry certain amount of weight that can also vary from one manufacturer to the other. Therefore, it is difficult to choose an innerspring mattress as a hard, soft or medium unless you try it out yourself.

Also, if you have an innerspring mattress with memory foam on its top then the top layer of the mattress will decide whether it is hard or soft rather than the springs that are placed inside.

Foam mattress

If the density of the foam is higher then it will be considered as hard mattress and vice versa. Therefore, we need to understand the meaning of various terms used to describe the hardness of the mattress.

· Foam density

When we say density, it means how much foam in terms of kilo gram you obtain for cubic meter of foam. Soft or hard will be decided based on its density figure. However, there are few foams that may weigh more but it may not be denser. Hence may not be harder too. However, foam density can be considered as a parameter to specify whether the material is harder or softer.

· Foam hardness

Hardness of the foam is not same as the density. You can feel the hardness once you sleep on it. Hardness can be measured by calculating the amount of force required to compress the foam to 40 per cent of its thickness. The force is measured with the unit newton. Higher the newton figure, the firmer is the foam.

Firm vs soft mattress

As per the experts, unless you have any special need or you have any special preference for soft mattresses, it is much better to choose the option of buying hard mattress. Soft mattresses are best for people, who are very lightweight. You can however make any kind of mattress suitable for you by changing few things. Putting soft memory foam on hard mattress can serve the purpose for those who feel the bed is too hard. In the same way with harder topper you can use soft mattresses too.