We have been bestowed with a divine human body. When I use the term ‘divine’, I am referring to the inconceivable potential within our body to rejuvenate itself, either from a physical damage or an emotional threat. The human body has its own assorted set of mechanism to identify, evaluate and respond to the myriads of stressors. However, many a time, our body fails to display the same audacity to employ the positive approach of “fighting back” and “winning over”, and this can be attributed to many reasons. Let’s discuss them in detail and understand the facts-

Ambiguity Of Stressor

When our body is familiar with a possible event, object or person that may cause any harm to our well being, and has already encountered them efficiently with the available resources, the chances of breakdown is comparatively less. An unknown stressor entails obnoxious demand on the body’s defense system and leads to huge damage to body functioning. So, combatting an unpleasantly novel situation becomes a herculean challenge.

Ill-Categorised Stressor

An undefined stressor coupled with ill-defined categorization makes it even more difficult to comprehend. If the body fails to label it under a specific category of the stressor, it whirls around aimlessly with no concrete plan to execute, and thus the stressor persists for a longer duration inflicting chronic illnesses.

Gauzing The Intensity Of Harm

Though we often notice a potent source of stress, still we let it dominate our body in the lieu of faulty analysis pertaining to its extent of the threat. Even a tiny particle out of a whole radioactive element possesses the capacity to bring explosion, So underestimating the intensity of effect caused by the minutest stressor is lethal.

Avoidance vs Confrontation.

The evaluation of a stressor as a harbinger of stress is purely subjective and thus it varies from one person to another in deciding upon whether they want to avoid or confront the present stressor. However, in this case too, a person must abide by the rules of correct analysis of the unpleasant source. Sometimes, it is wise to let go but at the same time be intelligent in confronting the more negatively impacting stressor.

Inaccurate Response

Our mind is trapped in mental fixedness of choosing the established set of response repeatedly, whether be it a known or an unknown stressful event. We will resort to the conditioned behavior unaware of the fact that this one cannot be persuaded by the old techniques. So, it is advisable to invent new methods of approach especially when your body is battling for long with no desired outcome.

The Negativity Around

Our cognition has evolved over a period of time and we are considered to be intelligent of all the breeds. It is the time to display the tincture of intelligence. Indulge in constructive and mood-lifting activities and allow such people to be close to your heart who cherish positivity. Stress is already a negative entity and when our body lingers in gloominess, it transcends to eternal darkness of destruction.

Understanding these dimensions associated with a stressor is the most important step followed by cognitive appraisal and applying the most appropriate response.