We are in a new world, a world of options even in business so that your customers don’t have to struggle a lot when they want to reach you. That’s because they have lots of options from texting, contacting you through one of your social media accounts, and more. They can also visit your website, email you, or even better, just stop by your premises for whatever they need from you.

That leaves you wondering why you need to get a vanity number today. Don’t know what a vanity number is? It’s a phone number with a memorable sequence and is specially tailored for your business. Since consumers appreciate constant communication, most of them will enjoy doing business with a company they can get in touch with whenever they need to. Using vanity numbers and tracking services is one of the ways to ensure that you are in constant communication with your clients.

With so many businesses opting for social media and web adverts, you might be wondering if such a number is relevant to your business in any way. The answer to that is a ‘YES!’ and there are lots of reasons for doing so, which is why it would only make sense to read on and discover them:

1. Remembering is easy

Spare a moment one day and try to have a look at people in the street, restaurants, workplaces, and other places. All you will see is a busy crowd – so busy that they don’t seem like they need to go through much trouble trying to recall many things. They already have much to remember, including their website passwords, PINs, important dates, and others. Why not make life easier for you and them by investing in a vanity phone number so that remembering you and the services you offer becomes easier?

2. Reinforce your brand

Another great thing that vanity phone numbers do is that they reinforce your brand especially when they reflect what you do. That way, it not only gets easier for customers to reach you; they also find it easier to remember what you do when they need such services. As if that’s not enough, it gets easier to tell their friends about your business, which grows your brand.

A good example would be a number like 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE, for the American Cancer Society helping people quit smoking cigarettes. Such a phone number can stay in people’s memories longer and will also reinforce the mission of such a society, and it’s branding.

3. Customer service improves

Imagine you’ve not provided your customers with a vanity phone number and something goes wrong with your product or service. Part of human nature tries to find the easiest way out, and in such a case, customers will use social media to make their woes known as it’s fast and easy. Heaven knows what will happen next to your reputation and even new customers – it might be a great loss for you. Get a number that makes your customers feel that reaching through a call is easier than any other methods.

4. People still remember phone numbers

So it might seem to you that in this Internet age people don’t bother recalling phone numbers? Well, that’s not the case. Some studies show that most customers tend to remember phone numbers better compared to web URLs – it makes sense. As mentioned above, it’s normal for humans to try and find the easiest way out. Best vanity phone numbers will be easier to remember compared to a long web URLs, so go for that number and enjoy the results.

5. You broaden your market with vanity phone numbers

Vanity phone numbers can make it easier to generate traffic and leads, and that’s something you need to appreciate. Even though that’s a major benefit, they also have an added advantage of giving your business a nationwide presence, considering that you have a toll-free phone number.

Your phone number is more likely to stick in your customer’s mind, making them prefer to call you compared to other companies that might be providing the same services. Even though other competitors might have several other advantages in other areas, your communication will give you a better score and a more significant business boost.

6. Vanity numbers are professional

Last but important, vanity numbers give a professional touch to your communication, which is a good thing to any business. If you are starting a company and trying to build a good name for the business, then having a vanity phone number is one of the best ways to let all your customers know that you are serious about what you are doing.

It’s a good idea for someone who wants their clients to know that they are only dedicated to providing high-quality services, nothing less. As if that’s not enough, it makes your clients feel that you care for them, since calling such numbers is affordable.

Remember also, that a vanity phone number can be incorporated with VoIP service providers, which is an excellent way to enjoy technological flexibility that might not be possible to experience with a local number. Still, you have to acknowledge those customers who will prefer to use a local number, so it’s good to ensure that you’ve got one.

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay