purpose of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a response to a misunderstanding or disagreement between spouses which involve reconciliation. Forgiveness helps one to repair a damaged relationship. Also show that you are ready to stop being a victim and take charge of your life. Plus when you forgive your spouse, you will be free from corrosive anger, and you will manage to move on with your life happily.

 Always remember that relationships or marriage is a combination of two good forgivers. Did you know that forgiveness can transform your marriage or relationship? Below are five reasons why forgiving your spouse is important:

 1. Forgiveness Strengthens your Love

Love is a powerful emotion and being with the right partners in our lives is the best feeling ever! When you forgive your spouse, you regain your friendship and the bond becomes stronger.

Forgiveness is such a key component to strengthen your relationship. Partners who practice forgiveness enjoy longer, more satisfying relationships. Also forgiving gives you more positive motivation towards your partner.

However, when you forgive your partner, you drop a baggage that you’ve been carrying around for so long. People are not perfect. No matter how a complete soul-mate we find, everyone is totally different from the other and we all have different ideas and points of view.

Everybody gets hurt, flawed and make mistakes. So, if you want to strengthen your love, learn to forgive your spouse always.

2. Forgive to Have a Positive Future

Though forgiveness can’t change the past, it can change the future. Forgiveness induces a positive outlook on life and its awesome thinking of a time or person you forgave. Failing to forgive someone will hold you down from focusing with your positive future.

When someone hurts you, you feel so bitter, you even loose food appetite, your jovial mood is gone and hence that will hurt your immune system.

Forgiving your spouse allow us to heal and move on with a positive life. However, become more fit by making commitment not to harm or hurt your spouse. It also gives your children the best life they deserve unhampered by bitterness between both of you. For you to have a bright future in your relationship, always think like a forgiving person.

   3. Forgive for It’s God’s Commandment

What God command us to do is for our benefit. Forgiveness can be dearly painful, but be sure of blessing from Him. God does not take forgiveness lightly as His words tell it all. Below are few scriptures of forgiveness:

  • Colossians 3:13 – “As the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive”
  • Luke 6:7            – “ Forgive and you will be forgiven’
  • Mathew 6:15   – “but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Since forgiving can be painful, for you to bear the pain, be very prayerful. Remain close to God during forgiveness process. Seek His will and pray for His guidance, as you take each step of forgiving your spouse.

 4. Forgive to have Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is awesome. When you forgive your spouse, definitely you get peace. Create space in your own mind and life to allow new experiences to happen. You expose yourself to great things and opportunities.

Always remember life is too short. Stop wasting your time being mad at people, instead make yourself. Avoid holing grudges and bitterness in your life. Let things go and move on with your life. Mistakes always come back after a period of time. When they come, always are open, accessible, forgive and try to forget.

Do you know when you become bitter, full of hatred; your face will have pre-mature wrinkles!

5. Forgive for Compassion of Self and others

Do you love yourself and your partner? The compassion you have for yourself can lead you to replacing feelings of revenge with feelings of tolerance and empathy to rebuild your love again.

A man is to error. Since you also error, it’s good to always forgive your spouse for the compassion you have for them.

Self-compassion prompts health-promoting behaviors like, adequate sleep, effective stress management, healthy eating, among others.

Over to You

Nevertheless, a relationship is formed by two lovers. Since no one is perfect, understand your spouse’ weakness and avoid hurting them. Learn to build forgiveness skill in your relationship on a daily basis. Let go of the petty issues that brings hatred and bitterness in a relationship.

Still, find a way to dislodge yourself from anger, bitterness or negative emotions with your spouse for a healthy living. Learn to forgive your spouse countless times. Never get tired of someone you love and desire to spend the rest of your life with. Trust them again and again. Enjoy your relationship.