That work prepared Ruber for real life and finding a  way to earn a great living by pursuing all of the  things she is the most passionate about. Whether she is  modeling, acting, working as a fitness trainer who  heavily incorporates boxing into her workout sessions,  helping design BeSpokeSociety’s streetwear clothing  line or podcasting, Ruber sees it all as a labor of  love. She was recently flooded with positive  engagements from her Insta-gram followers who have

incorporated her at-home workouts into their training  sessions and have had success staying on track during  the pandemic that closed so many gyms. She admitted  that her heart was full by just knowing that she was  having an impact on others with her adaptable home  workout sessions. 

 Horror tales, of all things, are also a love of  Ruber’s. In the Just Ghouly Things podcast that she has  co-hosted with Baldassare since 2019, the two horror loving ladies discuss all things paranormal, ranging  from Bigfoot to ghost stories to UFO sightings. Ruber  and Baldassare are experts in the horror genre and they  aimed to help listeners through the recent lockdown  with an episode titled, “Quarantine Spooky Story  Special.” 

 Again, Rebecca Ruber is a woman with a lot of  talents, a lot of professional pursuits and a lot of  opinions. Of course one podcast wasn’t enough to  contain this high-energy, impassioned and well-rounded  go-getter, so she started a second one dedicated solely  to her love of boxing. 

 You can see, feel and enjoy Ruber’s infectious energy  yourself by sweating through one of her fitness  classes, wearing some of the unisex T-shirts, beanies  or hoodies from her clothing line or by simply  listening to one of her two podcasts on Apple, Google,  Spotify and iHeartRadio. Just be sure and try to keep  up with Ruber because she’s still got a lot she wants  to do and has a lot to say about a variety of topics.