I was reborn when I first discovered that you were there in me,

A small little creature just started its existence, and a Mother was born.

Yes, your presence gave a new meaning to my life, a new agenda for my existence.

I felt you grow slowly, I imagined you ,I liked your small kicks,

I liked your ambience , which filled our home with happiness and joy,

Yes before you were born.

The sheer indication of your presence lighted up our life with thousand lamps.

I waited patiently for that day ,when I could see your smile, hear your twinkling shrill cry,

When I could feel your cosy soft touch.

The day came, and you were there in my arms,

Curling up ,wriggling and throwing your small little legs.

It was a wonder , a joy unparalleled.

A Mother was again reborn to take care of you.

Years passed by , each year made me grow with your love,

with the wisdom and experience you came to teach me,

as you took little steps from childhood to a teenager.

Yes each Year I was reborn again and again with more wisdom, more love.

You transformed my whole life, from I to you,

Enjoying the joy of selfless giving, of nourishing.

Yes you were born to transform me ,to metamorphose me to a whole new being,

from yesterday to today, each day to be THY MOTHER.