If you scroll through most pandemic-related headlines, you’ll see countless discussions on how parents experienced stress and online learning failed children. 

However, a recent family survey is taking on the pandemic from a glass half-full perspective for parents.

The award-winning educational toy company Learning Resources recently surveyed 200 moms with children between the ages of 2 and 8 to gauge how families have handled quarantine life. Much to everyone’s surprise, the data was a lot more uplifting than the “gloom and doom” of most headlines make things out to be.

According to the survey data, 90 percent of mothers are proud of how their children have handled the past year. 

From virtual learning to cancelled vacations, kids have overcome enormous hurdles throughout the pandemic. While things haven’t been perfect, most moms firmly believe their children are absolutely doing the best they can — and these small victories should be celebrated.

Kids shouldn’t be the only ones celebrating, because moms should be applauding themselves over all they’ve accomplished in the past 13 months as well. In many cases, moms have adapted to new roles that balance remote work with homeschooling, and all of this has required them to jump in head first to virtual learning, buy new educational toys, and look for creative ways to help their children learn. In fact, moms should really feel the same pride in themselves that they do for their children at this time.

The survey data from Learning Resources didn’t just highlight the fact that families have overcome adversity, though. In fact, 80 percent of moms appreciate the extra time their family has spent together because it’s helped them bond.

The idea of family bonding has been one of the most positive parts of the pandemic by far, and this sentiment isn’t just shared by the moms surveyed by Learning Resources. In fact, The Washington Post recently featured a similar pandemic perspective, and the majority of the featured parents also noted the boost in family bonding and time spent together. 

In the press release, Marie LaPlante, Learning Resources’ Chief Marketing Officer, shared her joy over this positive news. 

“This past year has been a journey for so many families, so to hear that moms are proud of how their kids have adapted, and the role educational toys such as Learning Resources have played in helping ‘build their someone amazing’ means a lot to our team.”

Marie LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer for Learning Resources

While the pandemic has definitely come with its fair share of challenges, moms and children around the world should also take a moment to stop and look at all of the positives that have come out of this too.

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