A creative mind is, more often than not, a happy mind. Creativity can bring us closer to our goals, show us our own true potential, and give us the means to be successful. 

So, how do we train our brains to adopt a creative mindset?

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  • Recognize your urge to learn. We all have it, sometimes we just need a little help discovering it. Spending just a small amount of our day learning something new can unlock new doors in your life. You might have never known that you wanted to learn to play the harmonica until you saw Juzzy Smith playing one on the streets of New Zealand on Youtube.
  • Develop a willingness to change perspective. This one will take some work. A lot of us are pretty set in our ways and thoughts. Spending time reading and researching topics, especially those that are somewhat foreign to us, takes us out of our comfort zone, and that is where the creative magic happens. Jot down ideas that come up while reading so you can go over them later and see if they challenge your previous perspective. 
  • Talk to people! So many of us go through our day trying to avoid conversation. We totally get it, we’re all busy trying to better ourselves and sometimes we prefer to just stay focused and get through the day. However, the truth is that every single person you meet has the potential to teach you something new. Even a negative interaction teaches you something. The more conversations you have, the more perspective you’ll gain, giving you the tools you need to expand your creativity. 

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