• 7-8 hours sleep
  • 30 minutes YOU time
  • 20-30 minutes exercise
  • 1 new recipe (optional)
  • Permission to use disposables
  • Spoonful of help
  • 1 heaping scoop of gratitude
  • Sprinkle of love


  1. Getting enough sleep is essential to keep our bodies at the right level of functioning on so many levels. It is especially important in the holiday season to help keep our immune systems healthy and our stress levels low. It can also help keep our blood sugar balanced and prevent us from overeating.
  2. Plan for your YOU time during the busy day (reading a book, nap, dance party, headphones, your choice). Decide ahead of time what you plan on doing so that you can look forward to it and know the time is coming. Maybe it’s listening to a podcast while you sit outside on a swing, or you play a board game with your nieces and nephews. Decide and do it and enjoy!
  3. Exercise gives us energy, so decide and plan for when this is going to happen as well. It will help sustain you for the big day. You are not limited to only 20-30 minutes, but this is a suggestion for a minimum amount to get your heart rate up a little and give you some of those good endorphins to fuel your day.
  4. Thanksgiving is not the time to try out a bunch of new recipes when most people are looking forward to their favorite dishes. Trying out one new recipe can be slipped in pretty safely if you’re an adventurous cook and want to try out something new.
  5. You have permission to use disposables. Period. The world won’t end. There are recycled ones available, and ones that can be recycled as in thrown away, not washed. If the thought of doing all the dishes after all the baking dishes keeps you up at night already, then let it go. Unless, of course, Martha Stewart is coming over. Then, please invite me, and I’ll help you do dishes and whatever else you need. J
  6. That brings us to this next step – let others help you. Even if it’s with assembling food once they arrive or setting the table. Most people want to help, so allow them. There’s an old saying, “Many hands make light the work.”
  7.  It’s Thanksgiving – time to be thankful for all that we have. Be grateful to yourself for all that you do for others – you’re amazing! – and for those others and what they do for you. Tell them if you’re so inclined.
  8. The secret ingredient to all of this is to “Do everything in love.” Y1 Cor 16:14