Beyond great ideas and massive numbers, there is something that sets successful entrepreneurs apart from others, and it is what they do with money and power they have. Scott Cullather was born in the business as his father, Dan Cullather, was the thirteenth employee at Jack Morton before he started his own company, Williams/Gerrard Productions.

Scott Cullather, CEO and co-founder of INVNT, has more than three decades of experience in designing and producing end-to-end and live event campaigns. He founded the company, a global live brand storytelling agency, in 2008. It helps brands share their stories – live – with every audience that matters. He has executed B2B and B2C brand experiences in over 40 countries, working with some of the world’s leading brands, organizations, and companies.

Take the Risk

Launching a live event agency in 2008 was a significant risk, as it was the time of great recession. But his visionary mind was sure that there was a gap in the market for what he and his partner in business and life – Kristina McCoobery – wanted to offer their clients. According to Scott, the key strategy for any successful business is to understand both clients’ objectives and their target audiences.

In an interview with Event Industry News, Scott said that “in order to connect with experience loving millennials and Gen Zs they need to engage them through experiences where they can see, feel, hear, touch and even smell their products and services.” He explained, to run a successful modern-day business, it is crucial to consider the amount of buying power these generations now hold.

Choosing the right partners

Successful modern businesses are not successful without the right partnerships. Having the right partner to help you through the good and bad times in industry can make all the difference in the world. Fortunately for Scott Cullather, it’s his wife, Kristina McCoobery. The duo has combined 50 years’ industry experience between them. Together, they evolved INVNT from a scrappy start-up into one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world.

From a business perspective, INVNT was acquired by Time Inc. in 2015, a former giant in the media industry with brands like Sports Illustrated and People. Scott and Kristina repurchased their business in 2017[BC1] , and the agency became independent once more.      

Be the change

Cullather is a published ForbesBooks author, having written Challenge EverythingTM: The Battle Cry That Blew Sh*t Up and INVNTd Live Brand StorytellingTM with Kristina. It is designed for budding entrepreneurs considering going out on their own, business leaders looking to take their companies to the next level, and CMOs eager to build their brands. His aim to bring the change doesn’t end there. He is also a certified ForbesSpeaker, and his success story has been featured in Dynamic Founders of the 21st Century, published by Creative Classics Publications Inc[BC2] .

Continuous Business Expansion

We live in a digital world, one where physical boundaries no longer separate people and organizations, and now the whole world is our playground. Since the inception of INVNT in 2008, the company has expanded both across the United States and into Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Singapore. The company provides its services in more than 60 countries all over the world. Today, its eight offices operate on four continents across six different time zones.

Cullather has always believed in challenging the status quo, exploring new opportunities, and looking for new things and territories to explore. On his website,, he says, “I am committed to a fault and easily bored. I expect and demand great things of myself and everyone around me.”

INVNT’s mantra is “Challenge Everything.” The company has managed 200 live events annually for Fortune 50 companies, including Grant Thornton, General Motors, Samsung, Subway, Merck, and PepsiCo.


Philanthropic investment can change lives, whether you are paying it forward or giving it back. Philanthropy does far more than provide financial aid and help those in need. It has the power to inspire and influence others, as well.

Not all businessmen turn into philanthropists. However, Scott belongs to the breed of business people who work to help others. According to Scott, “giving back is an important part of our culture.” He has long-lasting commitments with the First Responders Children’s Foundation and Chris Carrino Foundation for FSHD. Ever since the company’s launch, Scott has been an active contributor to many charitable organizations.

On 18th May 2019, Scott was honored by the First Responders Children’s Foundation on their fundraising event ‘A Day at the Zoo’ for his philanthropic contributions. He was named the charity’s 2019 ‘Corporate Hero’ for his continuous support.

Life is more than just Work

Scott Cullather currently lives in New York City. He is not just a successful business owner, but a devoted husband and father, a fitness buff, classical pianist, scrabble player and surfer. In Cullather’s view, activities such as learning an instrument, working out and doing physical activities, bring discipline and consistency in life, and have a positive impact on one’s professional life as well.

Share What You Learn

Scott shares his insights and learnings time and again through speaking engagements at various events such as C&IT Breakfast Briefings, ASAE Springtime, Event Marketer’s Event Tech, MACE, PMPI, and Design Summit.

Several media platforms have carried out in-depth coverage on Scott, such as Adweek, Campaign, Entrepreneur, The London Business Journal, C&IT, PCMA Convene, BizBash, The Drum, and others. He recently spoke at “George Mason University’s inaugural Mason Collective Impact Speaker Series,” addressing the Power and Direction of Social Media.

Bottom Line

Scott Cullather is a non-traditionalist industry disruptor that inspires organizations to undertake an unconventional approach to their business. In an interview with GoBrief, he advised all young entrepreneurs and said, “Be patient and gird your loins. It takes twice as long as you want and is twice as hard as you think it will be.”




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