“Curiosity killed the cat-information made him fat”

I cannot tell you often I heard phrase this growing up from my Granny..probably in response to my many questions about everything-including wanting to know why we are here at about age 10/11… poor Granny 

But for anyone who may not have heard of it before, it’s an old proverb..maybe Irish, maybe not, but one of the meanings is that it warns of the dangers of asking too many questions-of..dare I say….learning..and it suggests quietly..passively..that questioning = not a happy ending 

But as a coach,a woman, a citizen of this earth I reject this, I refuse to remain a passive reader of stories, of scripts -instead i claim the role of the author, of my own experience and life-

I stand for relentless curiosity and I invite you too to Question, question, question both within and without yourself.. question e.v.e.r.y.t.h.I.n.g

We are ‘told’ so much about happiness, about well being, purpose, meaning… we hear about how it’s important to be a ‘good’ person, partner, to get a job in X, make X amount of salary, to have a clear career path straight from school..college..we get fed stories of what it is to ‘be’ a co worker, parent, sibling, citizen, friend, lover, leader, worker…

And so I invite you again…to Question…deep dive style…  

  1. What is the script have I been given around one (or all) of these things? (Though maybe start with one..it’s a deep dive after all -and you’re gonna wanna come up for air)
  2. And then hold those scripts of what society.. family..culture..friendship groups.. have said any of these things are and then take the pen into your own hand.. BE the author of your own life… 

And so the invitation is to dive into your curiosity and intuition, well what do YOU say it is…?..to be content? To be fulfilled? And start to get it down on paper…you might be surprised what comes up..

If there’s an area that feels a bit disconnected, out of alignment, then I’ve found the following questions helpful…

What might making room for this in my life, require me to let go of?  

What might it require me to lean into? 

This is something I now know to be a lifelong practice, in the beginning I thought I had it all figured out (if only!) and then I realised that taking the and claiming the role of author and not just reader of the story of my life required me to let go of expecting it to happen For me, and instead I had to take full responsibility for what I choose to write …sometimes it’s scary as hell and other times it’s the most liberating feeling on earth..deeper sense of alignment,authenticity and connection to the ‘whole’ by becoming more ‘whole’ myself.. 

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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels