leo energy for boosting your power

Leo’s are a sexy bunch.

Confident, courageous and generous, with a natural swagger, the Leo energy is easy to spot! We’re all drawn to Leo’s presence – so is success!

Is there something you’ve been longing to achieve?

What would you pursue if your self-esteem was boosted?

Are you ready for well-deserved balance in your life?

Here are 3 easy ways to adopt and apply Leo’s energy,

Leo’s Confidence

It’s easy to spot a Leo. Look for the attractive person with great hair and determined stride, appreciating the admiring crowd. Shoulders back, chest out, and head high with eyes locked on where they’re going: destination victory!

Leo’s trust themselves and their abilities. This confidence fuels exploring their desires, pursuing their dreams and having a blast while doing it. This energy is for every sign to tap into!

What would you explore if you knew you would succeed?

What relationships would strengthen with newfound confidence?

What would it feel like to be living a more satisfied life?

Amp your confidence by stepping into Leo’s demeanor: shoulders back, chest out, and head high. Leos like to have fun, so be sure you’ve got a smile on your lips.

Confidence begins with the first step! As many Leos say, “Fake it til ya make it!”

Practice the Leo stride. Practice it often. Use it when walking to the elevator, walking down the street, approaching your boss and even on your way to bed. The posture of your body will adjust your appearance. Soon you’ll be noticing you’re no longer “faking” any confidence. You’ll have embodied it! You’re ready for the catwalk!

Leo’s Courage

You know what step you want to take. Then, excuses flow and soon you’ve talked yourself out of it.

Leos are able to charge forward. They speak up for themselves. They have no problem going all in for their request (although, it may seem like a demand to the rest of us). Leos can get away with it because they have their adorable underlying playfulness.

Curious and courageous like the large cats they are, Leos love taking risks. They’ll play the stock market.  No experiencing jitters asking for a date. Even asking for the raise is an easy-peasy ask for Leo.

Taking that leap of faith isn’t intimidating or concerning, because for the Leo, they expect success. How can you tap into this courage?

  • What would you like to do, but haven’t?
  • Is there an area of lingering insecurities or fears?
  • Have you been desiring a raise, but hesitant to go in for the ask?

Tune into this Leo energy. Have the courage to speak out. Practice with small asks. Go out on limbs. Even if it’s a ‘no’ you’ll be getting in the habit to speak out. You will get the ‘yes’ and soon, you’ll be asking for bigger and better. So no catnapping. Pounce on this opportunity. Leap into action, now!

Leo Compliments

Tell me more! Frequently compliments are brushed off with “it was nothing” or “anyone could’ve done that” while Leo’s purr, “tell me more!”

While thriving on receiving compliments, Leos are actually pros when it comes to delivering genuine compliments.

Leos instinctually know the numerous benefits of sincere compliments:

  • boosting the immune system,
  • helping overcome insomnia,
  • spreading positivity,
  • increasing self-esteem,
  • escalating performances,
  • boosting self-confidence

Use Leo energy to compliment yourself and others. This step will truly make the world a brighter and healthier place.

Where can you interject more compliments?

When was the last time you complimented yourself?

What actions are your kids taking that you can compliment?

What is that super considerate thing you appreciate so much about your partner?

Look for every opportunity to offer sincere compliments. (Everyone can sniff out the fake flattery.)

Set a goal to compliment yourself twice as much as to others.

Complimenting boosts your positive vibe, which boosts your magnetism for manifesting. Leos know law of attraction is “like attracting like.” which is covered in my Leo Manifesting video. Whether you want to manifest prosperity or simply more energy, confidence and courage, use Leo’s purr-fect example and let your inner lion out!

Leos attract great relationships, great opportunities and great fun.

Leos live up to their image of the lion. They roar with confidence and purr with playfulness. This cat sign is passionate about life.

If you’re wanting to hunt out new opportunities, pounce on higher self-esteem and increase your passion for life, emulate Leos confidence, courage and love for guaranteed success. For more fun ways to tune into Leo energy download my freebie ‘Go Leo’ here.

This piece was originally published at trishmckinnley.com.