Nurturing a healthy work-life balance is essential for our personal growth and self-care. It can be challenging not to feel drained as the week ends, or in some cases, as the day ends. We usually have side hustles to pursue our passions and strive for ambition in our respective careers.

Now add family time, workouts and healthy routines like meal prepping before heading to work, juggling with your social circle and simply finding time for yourself…it gets quickly overwhelming.
It seems that we don’t have enough time in the day. It seems that 24hrs isn’t enough. Hands up for those who mumble in their heads their to-do list for the next day before going to sleep!
I did.
Reclaiming our time for a more balanced life is possible. Dropping off old habits and making space for the new is as surprising as it may sound, achievable.
Here are 3 tips based on my personal experience, on how to nurture a lifestyle that suits your needs.

1. Chase waterfalls in the weekend. Not emails.

Having access to your emails (and thanks to social media, other communication channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger) after working hours does not mean you have to reply as quickly as your fingers can type. Disconnect during your time off. It works wonders.

2. Treat yourself to lunch.

Lunch break is easily neglected due to tight deadlines or upcoming meetings. Move away from your workspace and take this time to resource. Have non-related work conversations with your colleagues, enjoy a nutritious meal and simply be present.

3. Schedule your priorities.

Planning is a life saver. Over-planning is a daily torment. Stick to your priorities when planning your day. Set an achievable to-do list by breaking those into mini tasks. This method is more efficient and will leave you having more time in your hands.
Reclaim your time and invest in rest. A productive day is also achievable by working smarter, not harder.