Strange as it may sound, we are but disconnected with ourselves. We are so into the world that we have created for ourselves that we see this as THE reality. We constantly rush after things we may or may not need. We have assumed that we need all the stuff around us because everyone else thinks the same and ‘everyone else’ cannot be wrong. We have created our own realities and we see things through the lens of that reality alone.

If we observe closely, there is a difference between who we are and what we are. We still have to explore ‘who we are’ but ‘what we are’ is what we have made out of ourselves. We are the clothes we wear, we are the food we eat, we are the restaurants we dine in, we are the people we keep company with, we are the cars we drive, we are all the stuff that is around us but we are not what we are. Confused?

Take a deep breath and slow down. Close your eyes and disconnect from all what we have assumed we are. A moment of silence can help us slowly separate what we are from who we are. Start with paying attention (remember being mindful is the path, not the destination). Let us stop rushing after things that we think are so important that we have almost lost the sense of what is actually important. We are so overwhelmed with the information overload that our minds are constantly in the process of digestion. We act based on the information we consume on a daily basis. We lack a moment of silence; our minds roam around in the past or the future debarring us the joy of the present moment. What was done (regrets) and what can be done (hope) are the two aspects we struggle with all the time.

Let’s give ourselves the gift of silence. In the beginning, you may not be ready to receive the gift and you may want all the noise to pour back in. But remember “to connect, we must disconnect”. Disconnecting will allow us to observe ourselves from a distance. We will become more conscious of ourselves, and the world around us. Paying attention is the first step to notice things we have never noticed before and slowly we will get clarity. It is time we reconnect with our disconnected selves and rejoice our very presence; not the presence we have made out of ourselves but the very nature of our being.

Let’s reconnect with ourselves!