Depressed individuals tend to isolate or disconnect themselves from a lot of things including family, relationship, or even routines and activities that they once enjoy and love doing. Depression can be characterized by a feeling of sadness and ultimately low mood.

But depression is more than just low mood. This is a severe mental illness that impacts both the psychological and physical health. Everyone feels unmotivated and upset from time to time, but depression is far different. This is a serious state.

Causes and Symptoms of Depression

There is actually no definite cause for this mental illness as this depends on a unique combination of the environmental conditions and genetic make-up of an individual. There are several factors to be considered such as:


· Chemistry or physical structure of the brain

· History of depression in the family

· Traumatic and stressful events like a financial issue, the death of a loved one, and abuse

· Hormonal changes

· History of other disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety

· Certain medications like blood pressure medicines, sleeping aids


Despite having different types of depression, all of these lead to similar recognizable symptoms like:

· Frustration, restlessness, irritability

· Prolonged feelings of emptiness and sadness

· Loss of interest and hobbies and activities that were once enjoyable

· Difficulty in sleeping

· Lack of energy and fatigue

· Weight and appetite changes

· Physical symptoms like back pain, stomach ache, and headaches

Experiencing the combination of symptoms for two weeks or more signifies that you’re in the middle of the depressive episode. Seeking professional help is crucial.

Drugs Can Also Cause Depression

The connection between drugs and depression is evident. Individuals who take recreational drugs like ecstasy, cannabis and other drugs usually notice mood changes. Drug use and depression are common and can actually happen together by chance due to individual problems.

But in many instances, there’s an interaction between these two and can take various forms:

· An individual might be suffering from highly depressive symptoms and decide to take drugs on hope of getting some relief.

· Symptoms of depression might develop as a direct result of drug use or withdrawal symptoms when taking drugs stops.

· An individual may resort to taking drugs as a means to escape problems during highly stressful and challenging times. Too much stress can lead to serious depression.

· In the worst scenario, individuals who are entirely depressed might use drugs in an attempt to end their own life.

Overcoming Depression through Reconnecting With Your World

For individuals who have not yet experienced a deep level of unending depression, things might appear illogical, but for individuals suffering serious depression, it is not really easy to overcome this at once. It takes effort, time and support of family, friends and loved ones.

Though every person experiences depression for varied reasons, the most common underlying factor to this is disconnection. Individuals suffering from major depression feel alone and disconnected from the world and even from themselves.

If you are ultimately depressed, one powerful way to save you from this state is to try your very best to reconnect with your world once again. This is not easy, but this is highly possible. There are many ways that can help you get connected. To overcome depression, minimize your exposure to stress and increase the activities which bring you ultimate peace of mind. Yoga and meditation are two such effective routines that you can take. These can help restore your connection with the world particularly your world.

If You are Tired of Being So Depressed, Get Connected Now

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