Many have read over the scripture “So GOD formed from the dirt of the ground all the animals of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the Man to see what he would name them. Whatever the Man called each living creature, that was its name.”  Genesis 2:18 MSG (Message) This one scripture is EXTREMELY powerful as it relates to the technologies inside of you and I. God, the Creator of all, gave Adam (which is the representative of EVERY HUMAN being), the capacity to provide meaning to everything presented to him. So God didn’t provide meaning to anything, Adam (man) did. This is powerful! 

     See, computers and other mechanical devices have no sense of meaning. They can only process the information and think in ways that a human being has programmed it to “think.” An iPad, tablet, watch, phone, or computer can only do what a human mind has programmed it to. It has no brain, so technically, it can’t “think”. It can’t process feelings. It can’t cry. It can’t be happy. It can’t be sad. You’ve never heard of counseling for a MacBook. This means it can not provide meaning to anything. You and I however, are completely different. Which is one reason why these devices shouldn’t control our lives. How can something that has no life, control life? 

     You, my friend, have the innate ability to name a thing. We have the ability to give an act a meaning. We have the ability to give something said to us or not said to us a meaning. Colloquially, we converse with others about a particular thing and we say, “that’s a different animal there.” So a life situation, event, or issue has been classified as an animal. So when these animals are presented to you, you have the built-in technology to name it and in so doing, give it meaning. 

     Consequently, life is what you make of it. Out of everything (animal) that is presented to you, you get to make a conscious decision to name it and give it meaning. What you name it, and the meaning you give it, determines your decisions and actions afterwards, which later becomes your manifested life. I encourage to start seeing your issues, circumstances, and life situations as animals that you have been given the ability to name. It gets me pumped up to know that we can chose to look at things and give them meaning in whatever way we please!

Did something happen in your life that you’ve given a dis-empowering meaning to?

How can you look at it differently to turn it into a positive?

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