It is not a time for defeat. This is our time for quiet determination.

I voted for Hillary, but whether we voted for Trump or Clinton, we have a country divided — a world divided that clearly wants change.

What does the America we would like to see look like? Does it look like our family? Does it look like the dream we hold in our hearts?

There is a still in the air today. We can feel it. A space that has been created for you and I, a space in which we can now create. What will we create?

With our simplest acts, you and I will redefine our future. For it is through us, that we have infinite capacity to build great things.

There are leaders of countries, yes. But there are also leaders of companies and families and leaders of sciences and medicine and quantum physics, all of us linked by a common thread — connecting us, that thread is love.

It will be the decisions we make each day that determines our survival — but it will also determine our quality of life. Quality, the value we place on our living condition. We manifest our happiness.

So, in our piercing awareness that we all want change, I ask this. Will we put down our guns and grievances? Are we willing to bring home our inner soldier — the one we sent to wage war against ourselves? Will we answer that little boy or girl inside our heart who looks back at us in the mirror each morning and asks “do you see me”?

Say yes.

It is my hope that our greatest change agent for countries and continents, and families and friends is love.

Love, a life lesson, a required course for the evolution of humanity which states boldly in its introduction:

“Let us choose Love over fear. Kindness over hatred. Compassion over aggression. Let us choose inclusively — with each other heart in mind. Let us use our own hearts to do what is good and what is right, not just for us but for all humanity — for all life.”

Let our careful determination be in alignment with our life lessons, proudly and gloriously, guiding us upward to do good work. It is time — to do good work. To redefine our future, and act with integrity in the space we’ve asked for — is both our duty and honor.

Let us this day, and in forward motion, manifest and cultivate our individual, communal and political truest love.


Originally published at on November 9, 2016.

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