In order to ensure a smooth, hassle free, real-time access of resources to businesses and individuals, popular social network, COLCO, is evolving by the day. This unique platform is live in over 50 countries around the world. With a tag line that goes ‘Earnings Simplified, Social Media Redefined’, the vision of COLCO is to build a trust-based ecosystem by enabling collaboration between people and businesses.

The platform enables SMEs and professionals to sell their services directly to the end customers. It can be anything from manufacturing to sales for businesses, or even freelance and employment services to companies by professionals.

While any business has a cycle of hiring, selling and marketing, one can avail all of these on a single platform with little expense of time and money, thus, making COLCO the go-to platform for collaborations and earnings.

COLCO aims at making the lives of job seekers, freelancers and business owners super easy. Freelancers and businesses can get Automated Work Leads in real-time and once the services are delivered, the clients pay the service providers directly. Unlike platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and others (where they take an average of 20% cut from each entity), no platform commissions are involved for sale of services on COLCO.

Recruiters and start-ups can post unlimited free hiring requirements, and hire candidates from across the globe based on a candidate’s availability so there’s clarity, speed and transparency in hiring and collaborating with each other.

From SMEs selling manufacturing services to chartered accountants, lawyers and journalists, content writers, yoga trainers, gym instructors or even digital marketing and consulting agencies — anyone can not only list but actually earn for their services on the platform. “We have users from various fields. For instance, we have freelancers who are video editors, graphic designers, photographers, make-up artists, social media influencers and more,” says the Chief Marketing Officer at COLCO.

Also, the platform has recently on-boarded Dennis Anthony, a member of MJ5, an internationally popular dance group. He has made exclusive dance choreography and is selling on COLCO for anyone who wishes to learn from him directly.