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Imagine you’re looking at your books in the middle of the night, wondering where to start?, what to study? And then your heart starts beating fast, you start over-thinking and therefore, creating more problems that don’t even exist in the first place. You finally, start to flip the pages of your book, analyzing the syllabus in your mind and then your realize that you are not even reading the book in your hands. The count down has already started and you have no idea what is going to happen next! Scary enough, right?

Mental pressure or what we call stress is quite normal in situation of fear, sorrow, anxiety which results in unbalanced state of mind. For students, stress is quite obvious due to high work load, busy routine and pressure to be good in extra-curricular activities and stand apart from the throng.

Here, completely ignoring your studies to relax your mind is not a good idea to be true. Below, we have some better ways to relax, reduce your stress and also score well in your exams.

1. Sports and workout can be the change in you.

Apart from studying hard for your exam, engage in physical activities that keeps your mind away from all the worries of your exam at least for some time. It will help your reduce stress and also when you will get back to studies, you will have a fresh mind which will let you learn everything faster.

There are many case studies available over the internet that will tell you how many students have used sports and workout sessions as medium to reduce stress. Not only during the exam season but adding sports and workout sessions in your daily routine will help stay stress free all the time and you will feel more calm and peaceful.

2. Leave your books for a while.

This sounds weird but trust me, it is important to keep your books aside for some time especially, to keep your mind fresh. Do everything that comes to your mind but just leave the place where you were busy studying. You can have a chat with your friend; go on a walk in the park or just watch your favourite movie to avert your mind from the exam stress.

Having a chat with your best friend or if possible, meeting him or her will make things easier for you. Actually, spending some quality time with your friends before the exam is all you need to reduce stress and study harder.

3. Plan it before you do it!

Planning what all you have to do before the exams will help you prepare for the exam smartly. Make a list of everything that you want to do! Make a proper strategy; how you are going to prepare for the exam, take help with research paper to understand better how you can write your answers in such a way that your teacher likes it. It will give you additional advantage while writing your answers in the exam. Also, when you will make all these strategies, search for research papers online, it will keep you a bit more busy resulting in forgetting the worries of your exams and reduce your stress.

4. Again, do what you love!

Doing what you really love will help forget all your worries. Keeping everything aside and spending some time doing what you enjoy doing will freshen up your mind and let you go back to studies with a happy face. Look at some other stuff apart from studies, see what’s left pending and complete it! Once you start feeling better, you can go back and hit the books.

Also, remember that your mind is on the task that you are completing and not on your studies, for example – if you’re writing a story, focus on the story only! You will start feeling relaxed.

Keeping your mind away from studies and doing something else will at least help you forget all the tension in your mind and refrain you from over-thinking, have a positive mind and score more!


During the exam season, stress in normal but in the end, you have to deal with it anyway! Working hard and studying hard is good but you need to learn how to work smart and study efficiently. It is nearly impossible to cover the complete syllabus in one night.

Therefore, it would be a much better idea to study in parts everyday, so that during the exam days, you will know better what you have studied earlier and what all is left untouched. Also, learning everyday, studying everyday will reduce your pressure and stress before the exam days to a great extent and when you will enter the exam hall with a relaxed mind, you are more likely to score much better than your expectations.