The big cat keeper is fully licensed to keep these wild animals, and the Broxtowe Borough Council has also permitted him to house them at an enclosure at his farm.

We come across tons of people in this world who only work towards their personal goals and aspirations. But how many times have we heard about people going beyond boundaries to make a difference in the lives of other beings? Reece Oliver serves as one of the classic examples of people from the latter category who, for the love of animals, went against all odds and created a habitat for wild animals, including two lions, a puma, and other wild animals.

Who is Reece Oliver, you ask? Well, this youngster hails from Strelley, Nottinghamshire. He enthralled people when he rescued two cubs from a European circus, while his Puma Rogue came from Lincolnshire rescue centre. He is a true-blue animal lover who battled to keep his wild ones at the back of his garden, where he even built an enclosure to nurture them.

Reece Oliver garnered more attention when he made his appearance on Britain’s Tiger Kings, a two-episode documentary by Ross Kemp. This documentary featured his lion kingdom. Ross visited Britain’s Tiger Kings, involving people in England who house dangerous wild animals. Right now, Reece Oliver is running to become a councillor to get elected for the Liberal Democrats on Nottinghamshire County Council.

The incredible kingdom of wild animals that he has created as a licensed wild animal keeper include two African lions, a Canadian Puma. Talking about rescuing the big cats from the European circus in the ITV series, Reece Oliver revealed that many from his village were against his decision to house them in his back garden and also showed concern for their wellbeing. However, he battled legally to keep and nurture them. Though he agrees that a big plot of land isn’t enough compared to sanctuaries, he has submitted a planning application to make the den bigger.

Reece Oliver keeps posting pictures of his wild animals, whom he considers his children and has happily created a world of his own with these wild ones. To know more, follow him on Instagram @reeceoliver_official.