To change your life trajectory and thrive in 2021, it’s essential that you take time now to reflect on this year and revision your life path going forward. In this article I give you two processes to work with this month, providing an essential roadmap for ending 2020 in the highest way while preparing you to upgrade and expand your vision of who you are, what you can be, and how you can make a difference in the world. Continue reading for these processes and context about the significance of these rare times.


The year 2020 is a marker year for all of us alive now. It will be many years before we truly grasp its significance and long-term impact on how humanity co-exists.

To be sure, while many will associate 2020 with the pandemic, this year is much more than that. Indeed, when historians write about how the 2020s started, the pandemic will be a minuscule footnote compared with much more significant events and evolutionary shifts in consciousness.

Beginnings and Endings

This is a time of year when we naturally think about beginnings and endings – including what we personally began or initiated and what we ended or completed. Most likely, your own list of these is radically different than in previous years. So much has changed for all of us – our routines, our everyday activities, how we did things, how we viewed our reality, and how we changed what we valued.

I mention beginnings and endings here, for it’s an excellent segue into exploring the next two processes helping you to reflect and revision.

Prepare for Your Processes

The two processes are designed to be worked with when you are on your own, still, silent, and not rushed. Find a quiet space away from others and the noise of the world. Claim this space for yourself. If you like, hold a favorite crystal or be in a space you associate with the sacred.

Benefits of These Processes

  • Raise your frequency and boost your mood
  • Connect with gratitude that will bring you and others more joy and abundance
  • Receive clarity about yourself, your life path, and what you as a soul truly want and need to thrive and live in joy
  • Have a big-picture view of where you sit right now and the elevated levels of what you can create for yourself and to help others

Process – Reflect on This Year

Reflect on this year, your experiences, what you learned, how you and/or life changed for the better. Invite a deeper reflection that goes beyond surface happenstance that a few years from now won’t exist as it does now. Reflect on points below, taking time with each one to benefit from nuances undetectable when not looking deeper.

  • What did I learn about myself (e.g. my values, talents, resourcefulness, application of spiritual qualities such as patience, acceptance, letting go, compassion, self-love)?
  • What did I discover about my creative abilities, my work or service to others, and my adaptability to new ways of doing things?
  • What did I l learn about my role in key relationships, the viability of those relationships, and what needed to shift to make them sustainable?
  • What am I most grateful for as I look at the big picture of this year?
  • Who do I feel the most gratitude for in my life – and why?
  • What is my unfinished personal, business, or spiritual “business” needing completion now?

Process – Revision Your Life Path Going Forward

In many ways we aren’t the same beings we were when 2020 started. Whatever we did before – at home or in service to others – we started doing differently as we adapted to new norms. We change in some key ways every year, of course, yet this year we were nudged by the universe to continually adapt to situations that were a work-in-progress amidst chaos and uncertainty. Nearly daily we encountered something new to factor into our lives.

Consider this: some of what you adapted to, and perhaps felt beyond your comfort zone doing, is an essential part of what can be a more successful and joyful way of being.

Also consider: as a quantum being you are not not meant to remain static, doing things by rote just because you always did them a certain way. To thrive in 2021 and beyond, it’s essential that you regularly upgrade your life and how you do both simple and complex things. I’ll be describing the “why” of this more in my new book about 2021, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, for this process reflect on the points below, giving yourself time and space to contemplate.

  • What did I realize this year about my “stuck places” – the areas of life in which I feel blocked or like no progress is being made? As I consider that, what changes am I resisting that if I made them, could change my status quo?
  • What is the larger vision of my life trajectory that I have not dared contemplate as a potential? Why? What stops me from taking the first step?
  • What do I need to learn and apply to bring my life trajectory into alignment with the higher vision spirit has for me?
  • What blocks me from receiving from the world, now that I’m realizing receiving is an issue and I cannot manifest my dreams without receiving?
  • What is my ideal action list for 2021 – 5 or 10 things I identify as necessary for my needed new life infrastructure – that can be put into practice in the new year? What pieces can I design now in preparation?
  • What kind of partnerships are essential for upgrading my life in 2021? Who can I begin reaching out to now and early in 2021 to create these?
  • Given my many changes this year, what is my new vision of myself that I want to embody, manifest, and share with others in 2021?

As you reflect and revision regarding your life, remember that this month we have pivotal life-changing energies unfolding – including planetary cycles involving revolution and potentials for a positive mega new start. These are for humanity, yet they are for all of us too! Let’s take advantage of that in our personal lives and as we play our part in co-creating a brand-new more loving reality.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way. Feel free to contact me at my website.