As the year ends I have so much to be thankful for. My attitude of gratitude has expanded a 100 fold which is completely UNEXPECTED!  Considering we are entering into the holiday season. If you could only see the look on my face and I smile with the pureness of love like a newborn baby. Certain catchphrases such as “Things that don’t kill you will only make you stronger” used to sound like straight BS!? Until my father passed away in 2018.

An Unexpected Transition.

This is my second Thanksgiving without having my father, my best friend, and the person who loved me more than himself! I am extremely proud of the fact that I was able to transition from enormous heartache and grief. After his death, I literally felt numb sorta like a zombie burying my emotions. While going through the motions as if my body was being lived in by another person. Trying my best to cope but my mind was in a place of torture. I couldn’t sleep, being drowned by own tears. All the meltdowns, my life was crumbling. Fast forward, I went from the darkest season of my life, and unexpectedly into a place of bliss I could have never imagined.

This time last year I was a mess!

My life now is currently filled with love, joy, hope, peace, happiness, and an awakening to the fact that with God all things are possible. Instead of being sad or bitter. I chose to be better! The biggest lesson I learned was how to accept what is without wishing things were different… Yep, it’s so true the things that don’t kill with make you stronger once you process the pain, hurt, and release it. Simply put let it GO!  

Healing Through Acceptance.

Yes, acceptance is my opinion in one of the fastest ways to heal regardless of what you are dealing with. In Fact, 2019 has taught me how to be thankful and to completely accept things you can’t change. How to move on, how to cry, throw a tantrum but yet Boss up and LET IT GO! 

Additionally, no matter who you are as a human you will go through some sort of painful or difficult situations. The good news is at the end of every dark tunnel or as you walk through a valley. If you make a decision to get better your life will improve your happiness and joy will return!