Highlighting Mexico on a sacred day of Cinco De Mayo was more than simply a celebration. In fact, it was a dance of memory. For I have been nurtured, caressed, and loved in Mexico’s air. The traces of her spiritual and protective comfort and cleansing have followed me; prior and after my entrance into her soiling.

Mexican maidens have been persistent in displaying themselves onto my spiritual and physical paths. From my age of girl child’s frolic, to this current age of womanhood, their feminine image has found me. Refusing to let go, and vigilant in this refusal. The essence of Mexico’s maidens have blown protection, compassion, friendship, and love into my energetic realm. Showing up during times when assistance was most needed.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

My stories and spiritual memory of Mexico, of course, require a longer literary project. One deserving of the grace and attentiveness, it requires. Such intrinsic beauty can not possibly be compiled in one article. The very thought of this cheapens its existence. Nevertheless, what remains true and authentic is my experience in celebrating Cinco De Mayo. There were a number of visuals explored, and research conducted on my part. Writing about Cinco De Mayo (or any other cultural form, not of one’s own) a position of wellness requires a new lens of observation. It means that re-connecting with one’s own sensory is required, in order to capture the most in-depth experiences of this magical holiday.

During my collegiate, undergraduate experience, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico-located in the state of Guadalajara. Again, more details of that experience are to come. Nevertheless, the colors of the air continue to linger.

Observing stilled imagery of past Cinco De Mayo festivities re-ignited a flame of passion. A desire to enter into this magical world. Partaking in a cultural painting, where dance and cultural attire are the paintbrushes. The length of these miriachi dresses, give kaleidoscope capabilities. In such an extent, where one feels they are dancing with the Universe. Moving through worlds of color, pattern, and design. Only this time, a person is doing it in the passions of their homeland. Their nation. Their cultural gardens soothes their minds and mends Spirits, from the harsh pains of reality’s madness.

Stepping back to craft pen to paper on the Cinco De Mayo festivities, the visuals were evident of Universal artistry. Dancing and performances symbolized an arena of happiness being in abundance. If people wanted to be happy, all they had to do was, dance! Twirling and spinning to the natural beat of the music. Women stepping in patterned rhythms with the men of their communities. Moving through peace and joy’s spatial planes. After all, is that not what freedom is about? Was not there a celebration of the human Spirit, through the jewels of music and dance?

Writing the article, surrounding Cinco De Mayo, I wanted the experience to be one of celebration and mystique. Unable to attend any mainstream festivals meant there would have to be more creative avenues of celebrating, such lavish therapies. I started off the day wearing the colors of Mexico-red, green, and white! Myriad scenes of first stepping into this land were vigilant! Sounds, sights, smells, tastes, and the touch of Mexican landscapes and air. There were wonders to this land. Colors symbolizing her existence were reflections of such. These colors represented an artistry of Mexico’s spiritual sector. Green is commonly known for land’s representation. Simultaneously, one gets the feeling of sparkling emeralds. It also reflects a jeweled presence in the Universal spacing. One of abundance. I envision it having a sparkling, glittery effect. Its power, and significance, further illuminated by the magnitude of its shine. Then, there is red! Red is the symbolic representation of life forces on Earth. Human representation of this particular spacing is made clear to see. I imagine it painting the blood of the people. Their sacrifice and desire to see a free Mexico for their children and future seedlings of Mexican soil. Finally, there is white. In much of the Western world, white has grown to be synonymous with purity. Whatever that means and how we define it! In my own visual artistry I perceived white as being a blank canvas. Titillating the imagination to what can happen. What are the possibilities, which can be designed and crafted? What is the potential of our creative keeping and how do we bring that to the physical realm? How do we reflect our imaginations through the visible eye?

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

In yesterday’s celebration ? of Cinco De Mayo, it was not just the holiday, itself, nourishing my Spirit. Music, dancing, films, literature, and poetry came to mind. Imaginations of my creative psyche led me down a path of having returned to Mexico. Awaiting my arrival were flowers of Mexican maidens. This very same feminine presence, which had followed me throughout different regions of the Earth. That very aura would not let me go. Only this time, I was to enter into their gardens. I imagined lavish trees and wild flowers. Endless vegetation and wild fruits of the sensory. Within these gardens were women musicians, singers, painters, herbalists, orators, navigators, and seekers of truth. Myriad artists eager for me to stop near their spacing, in order to observe their magical eye.

In these gardens were the healers. Mexican women who observed the weariness of my journey. They saw life’s hidden scars and bruises upon my Spirit. Understanding that my imagery had been removed from gardens for far too long, they were ready to align her to the natural habitat. To the natural mystique of feminine wonder and delight. With arms open, they welcome me to their spacing. Requiring mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional bareness, the healing work, begins. Wherever there is pain, their remedies gloss upon that spacing. Painting over it, until pain is no more.

I envision these women being joined by artists, musicians, and poets of Mexican soiling. As they work to erase pain, women singers and musicians perform around the healing space. That I may enjoy pleasure and comfort, as pain is kneaded out the body, mind, and Spirit. In this way, the healing process is more sane. Beautiful in a hidden way.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Then, there is the dressing. They would want me to embody my natural femininity, while decorated in attire; symbolizing the rhythmic balance of Mexican landscapes. How would my natural and tight curls flow with the rhythm of the mariachi dresses? What beat would they bob to, in their ability to sway to the circles? Those embodying their natural curling. What visual paintings were being crafted in the capture of such imagery?

Memories of yesterday’s Cinco De Mayo celebration linger, fluidly. There is greater beauty to be crafted. Even more which brings forth more tales of artistry and delight. Further engagement with Mexico’s sound and memory soothes its way into my mind. I feel the beauties of restoration and love. And yet, I have not even see the wealth of healing artistry, housed in the comforts of Mexican soiling. I haven’t even dived through the surface; rather, sitting afloat of its tranquility. Past visuals of Cinco De Mayo convey a deeper richness. There is great abundance and spiritual joy, when seeing the harmony of such movement patterns. Furthermore, it is a reminder as to why human beings engage in the practice of celebratory festivities. They are chances to partake in Universal twirl and mystery. Ample opportunity of displaying them on Earth, while allowing humanity to receive a taste of what it must be in Heaven’s artistry.

As I come to further immerse myself in Mexican memories (spiritually and emotionally), the wonders of her dances perform in my psyche. Twirling and spinning vivaciously, while drawing me near. Boisterous and vivid in color and design, they lay vigilant tracks in my peripheral; never to escape my memory. Spiraling and fluid in Universal circlings, the dancers spread happiness for all nearby, and those, afar! For there is wonder, within and surrounding them. And even when the holiday has passed, they continue to twirl. All the while dancing and celebrating for the next visuals, to come.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)
(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)


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    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.