“Your destiny lies before you, choose wisely.
Your happiness is before you, not behind you! Cherish it.”

Well here we are – another New Year’s Eve. Another order of Chinese takeout food with a fortune cookie that will tell me what the new year will bring ? As far as I can remember, I’ve had this tradition and this year was extra special – I got two for one!

As I sit here and read these fortunes, it seems pretty obvious to me what I need to do. Just look ahead. There is opportunity before me. Not behind me. Don’t look back. I’m sure every one of us have read something similar to this. It seems pretty simple right? Well, I think there’s more to this fortune than the obvious…

When we think of looking ahead, we think of leaving the past behind. Keep moving forward. Don’t look back. However, before we can leave the past behind, we need to look at our past experiences and examine them with fresh eyes. Eyes that can see the hurt, the grief, the sadness with love instead of fear. We need to sit with these thoughts, these emotions, and reflect on the lessons. Lessons that are both profound and grounding. We need to thank these lessons for allowing us to grow, to heal, to become wiser. Then, and only then, we can release the past and move forward with clarity and a centering energy that will propel us to our destiny.

Now, 2022 will undoubtedly have uncertainty and obstacles. That’s a given. However…Isn’t that what life is? Hasn’t it always been uncertain and full of obstacles? I’m going to challenge you to look at what’s before you differently. Look at the new year like this:

Life is a constant process of becoming. Becoming the best versions of ourselves.
Life is full of change and evolution. Uncertainty is here to stay and and that’s ok.
Life is what we choose. We can choose to be happy no matter what. Our happiness lies within us. Not outside us.

Let’s reflect, honor our lessons and then move on. Let’s be ok with our future being uncertain. Let’s lean into our hearts for guidance. Let’s continue to constantly chip away what doesn’t serve us and reveal the masterpiece within.

Will this be easy? Hell no! Will this be worth it? Absolutely!


  • Camille Sacco


    Camille Sacco is a Product Support Specialist for Chase Card Services, as well as a Certified Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Advocate and Author of two Self Help books: "Hippiebanker: Bringing Peace, Love and Spirituality to the Workplace" and “Firefly Culture: Illuminate Your Workplace by Tuning in to Mindfulness." She leads fun and informative mindful and spiritual meditation classes, as well as crystal bowl sound baths in Central Florida. Her goal is to help people tap into the wisdom of their soul by cultivating daily practices that will inspire confidence in the pursuit of living their lives with a higher purpose. Visit Camille on her website here: http://www.camillesacco.com