The other day before an exam I couldn’t sleep so I started reflecting.  The problem was I couldn’t. I don’t know how this was possible but somehow I had embibed the concept of escapism.  The concept of resorting to imaginary happy things rather than facing the reality. It’s strange because I always used to emphasize on me, myself and I.  I proudly knew that I could easily reflect on myself but this experience was shocking. I realized that I wasn’t giving myself a “me time”.

My mind was so caught up in other things that I couldn’t think  about me.  As soon as I thought while trying to sleep, the bad things like my worst embarrassing moments used to creep into my mind and naturally I avoided them and changed to my dream world. 

Last night,  I started to reflect on myself once again. The bad memories crept in but rather than pushing it away,  I accepted them.  And after accepting them, I felt light.  Then I started reflecting back and a sense of happiness and peace came to me. 

I realized that this “me time” is not to be done once a month but everyday or in a day or two or else the mind would put up a barrier of bad memories to scare you off and you won’t be able to understand yourself.Once you overcome those barriers, more than half of the battle is over.  

Reflection can do wonders. It’s truly sad if a person doesn’t know himself because all his money and success because all his  trivial material things will just remain a waste.  You’ve got only one life.  You won’t live it if you don’t understand yourself.  You’ll be dependent on others not for food or money but for their values, interests, opinions and you’ll forget yourself. 

” Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy. “