reiki distance healing

Reiki is a subtle, yet powerful, form of energy healing.

It originates from Japan and is traditionally considered a “hands-on” healing art form.

In reiki sessions, healing energy is sent from the hands of the practitioner to the body of the patient.

A person receiving reiki energy might feel warmth coming from the practitioner’s hands.

They may feel a tingling or magnetic sensation in their body as the reiki is moving through them, as well.

However, sometimes reiki energy is very subtle and no physical sensations are felt at all.

Reiki is very individual to each practitioner and each patient.

At times, the person receiving reiki may just feel relaxed and calm as they are receiving healing energy.

This is often how it feels when you receive reiki from a distance.

If reiki is usually sent through your hands, can you do reiki from a distance?

While reiki is often practiced in person, it is absolutely possible to send reiki energy from a distance, as well.

Reiki is a form of universal energy, which we can all connect to.

In fact, we are all able to send energy with our thoughts, using intention and visualization.

If you picture someone in your mind and imagine giving them a big hug, you are actually sending energy to them.

You just might find that, after thinking of someone intently, they call you on the phone because they received your energy transmission.

With reiki healing from a distance, the practitioner has been attuned to the energy frequency of reiki.

Rather than just sending universal energy or loving energy, a reiki practitioner is able to send a very specific frequency of healing energy that has great purpose and intention.

Because reiki has been used by healers for many centuries, it is very powerful and impactful.

A practitioner who is attuned to the reiki frequency can utilize its strong healing current to aid in the well-being of their patient.

How do you send healing energy long distance?

Because everything is made of energy, our thoughts and feelings can shift the energy around us.

According to quantum mechanics, even having a thought about an object effects the nature of that object.

So, at a very basic level of physics, we are affecting our environment with our thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, our thoughts and feelings can be used to send healing energy.

To send healing energy long distance, you simply need to use your imagination.

It helps to get into a very positive emotional state, first.

These positive feelings create healing energy that you can send to someone else.

Next, you can use your imagination to envision sending healing energy to another person.

You might see this healing energy as white light.

You can picture the person being surrounded in healing light, as a feeling of peace and ease washes over them.

Perhaps you imagine a smile coming to their face as they glow in beautiful, white light.

The most important thing is that your intention is strong and pure.

If you believe that you are able to send healing energy, then the energy current is strong.

If you have doubts about the energy you are sending, it creates a mixed signal.

How do you send reiki healing energy?

The first step in reiki distance healing is to become attuned with the reiki frequency.

You can take a training course to become a reiki healing practitioner.

In these courses, a reiki master will help you open your energy field so that you can align with the reiki frequency and send it to others.

In the first training, you learn how to connect with universal healing energy.

The reiki master sends you energy to remove any energy blockages you may have and help you attune with the frequency of reiki.

This denotes you as a level I reiki practitioner. Level I is typically used for self-healing.

In the second training, you learn about the reiki symbols and how they can be used to send healing energy.

The reiki symbols help you connect more deeply with the healing energy, and they allow you to send reiki from a distance.

In this training, the reiki master will attune you fully with the reiki frequency.

Once you have reached reiki level II, you are able to send healing energy to others.

Can you send reiki to someone without them knowing?

Because you are in charge of the energy you keep, you are absolutely able to send it wherever you’d like.

However, whether or not someone receives the energy you send them is not entirely up to you.

It is for this reason that it’s always recommended to ask for permission from the receiver before sending reiki energy.

With their permission, the reiki energy is much more likely to be received and to have healing benefits.

If you send reiki to someone without their permission, it will not do them harm.

But it may not be as effective as you’d hope.

With both your intention and your receiver’s intention aligned, you will see the greatest results.

Reiki distance healing techniques

There are many techniques that can be used to send reiki from a distance.

Each practitioner should find the technique that is most comfortable and effective for them.

Here are some options to try:

  • Use a photo of the receiver: One helpful tool in sending reiki is to obtain a photo of the person who is receiving the energy transmission. Looking at someone’s image can more accurately direct the energy you’re sending to that person. While it’s possible to visualize this person in your imagination, it’s often more powerful to actually look at them in a photo. On a subconscious level, you’ll be able to see and connect with their energy by looking at the photo. Then you can visualize sending reiki to them, as it surrounds them in beautiful light.
  • Use the reiki symbols:  A powerful method of reiki distance healing is to use the symbols taught in the level II reiki training. You would visualize the person you are sending energy to and then draw the symbol with your hand in the air, while seeing the symbol in your mind’s eye. The symbols give your energy transmission added power and intention. There are different symbols for different purposes, so your energy transmission can become very focused and specific when you use the reiki symbols.
  • Write down the receiver’s name:  One effective method of sending reiki energy is to write down the name of the person you want to send reiki to. You can also draw the reiki symbol you’d like to use below their name. Then fold the paper up and hold it in your hands. Visualize sending healing energy from your hands into the paper and thereby to your subject.
  • Use a surrogate object:  If you prefer to use your hands for reiki healing, rather than visualization, you can use an object, such as a doll or stuffed animal to represent the person you are sending energy to. You would set your intention that this surrogate object represents the receiver of reiki. Then you could draw the reiki symbols over the object with your hands and place your hands on the object to send it energy. You can use the specific hand positions taught in reiki healing trainings on the object, as if you were conducting an in-person healing session.

How long does reiki take to work?

Because reiki is connected to the universal energy in all things, it flows instantaneously.

As soon as you have the thought and intention to send reiki, it begins to flow.

However, the longer you send reiki, the more effective it will be.

If you send healing energy for only a few seconds, a small amount of energy will be sent.

If you send healing energy for an hour, a larger amount of energy is sent and received.

Also, your intention effects the rate at which reiki energy flows.

If you use a lot of powerful emotions and positive energy when you send reiki, a short amount of time sending reiki goes a long way.

In essence, reiki works immediately.

To make your reiki transmission more powerful, use more positive emotion and send energy for a longer period of time.

Benefits of distance reiki healing

The most obvious benefit of distance reiki healing is that you can send healing energy to someone even if they are far away.

For example, if you have a loved one that is hospitalized somewhere around the world, you can still help them heal with your reiki distance transmission.

Another benefit of distance reiki healing is that some people are better able to relax and receive energy when they are in the privacy of their own home.

Envision lying in your bed and getting to receive healing energy even though you are by yourself.

For some people, this helps them relax and open up.

For people who practice reiki professionally, using distance healing means that you can expand your client base and work with people all over the world.

This is beneficial to the practitioner and the patient alike.

Some people may not have a reiki practitioner in their area, so distance healing gives them a chance to receive a reiki healing session.

Why use reiki distance healing?

Overall, reiki distance healing is incredibly safe, useful, and powerful.

It can bring the world together through healing energy.

Reiki distance healing can be used on friends, clients, or anyone who you’d like to send healing energy to.

Just remember to ask for permission first for the best results.

Set your intentions, power up your positive emotions, and visualize beautiful beams of healing energy reaching your receiver.

Whether you choose to get trained in reiki or simply practice sending healing energy on your own, this is a powerful and helpful practice that can change the world.

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