Before we dive into Reiki, let’s first talk about energy. So, what is energy and why is it so important? Energy can be described as many things including the following:

* strength required for physical or mental activity

* power to provide light and heat

* potential for causing changes (I like this one!)

Energy is also an essential part of human life. The human body is made up of matter and energy. As I stated in the title, everything is … e n e r g y. It’s the life force that brings us together, that heals, warms and nurtures us and those around us.

Ever walked into a room and immediately sensed energy without anyone having to say a word? Your body is such a precious and intelligent, soulful machine. You can sense if others are having a good day or a not so great day based on their vibe… or their energy.

You don’t need to be a guru or spiritual magician to know this. You’re human. With all your senses, you know what energy your surroundings are giving off and in turn you also know if you’re providing high or low energy to those around you.

Many people I’ve worked with have expressed wanting to “protect their energy” or “cleanse their energy” and after years of focusing on listening to my body and truly responding to what I need and crave most, it’s clear to see that energy is important and yes, protecting your energy and clearing funky energy is also equally important. With my clients I teach that wellness comes from within and it always will!

To heal the physical, you must first heal what is hidden. You can eat a pound of broccoli everyday and be miserable! And you can also eat dark chocolate, drink wine on occasion, and not hit the gym everyday but live an amazingly healthy and happy life. Yes, you are what you consume, but consuming is not only physical. It’s emotional and spiritual too.

How can you work on the spiritual and emotional part?

My answer is self-care through energy work. When you prioritize your energy, you prioritize your wellbeing and your life. Meditation is one amazing way to set a positive tone for your day. I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation daily, twice a day for over 8 years now and it’s been life-changing.

Meditation is something I recommend to everyone but if that isn’t your “kinda thing”, you can also explore other forms of self-care to improve your wellbeing. For some people protecting their energy means simply reducing time spent with those that drain you. It could also be reading a positive or funny book or going for a walk in nature to be alone with your thoughts to truly listen to that little voice of intuition.

Reiki is another powerful path to wellness and self-care.

When your home is cluttered and dusty, it feels low-vibe and the last thing you want to do is spend time there. Perhaps you’d rather escape than sit in all the mess… Every felt this way?

Cleaning your room can bring you the clarity you need to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. This also applies to your energy. When you meditate or do Reiki, you are essentially clearing the dust and all the yucky energy that may be lingering. By ridding yourself of that yucky, low-vibe energy, you naturally allow positive, fresh energy to revitalize you physically and emotionally.

I’ve experienced Reiki countless times and each time has been a beautiful blessing. At first I was unsure about it, but after my first session I was hooked! Sometimes you need a little something extra to help you feel ease and Reiki is one of those self-care tools for me.

So, what is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-religious, traditional, Japanese energy healing treatment. It was founded by Dr. Usui in the early 1920’s. It focuses on working the whole body, mind and spirit. It’s a relaxing treatment where healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner to the body of the client either in person or virtually. When you experience a Reiki treatment, you relieve stress and pain, promote relaxation, release emotional blockages and balance energy. It’s also known to help reduce anxiety and depression.

When you focus on doing what makes you feel alive, you create more of that incredible, feel-good energy. Now, who doesn’t want that?!

Life can be hard, painful and unpredictable, especially during Covid times, but when you learn better, you do better! I hope that sharing this wonderful, simple and incredibly effective healing technique will be something you too can add to your self-care toolkit.

Besos and blessings.