What in the world does Reiki have to do with corporate culture, organizational performance and employee engagement?


Reiki is about to become as common as yoga – minus the awkward poses.

Simply put, Reiki is a traditional Japanese system of stress reduction. It is a series of gentle hand placements on the head, neck, arms and back that release built up negative tension/energy allowing the mind and the body to experience full relaxation.

As an HR exec, I witnessed firsthand the impact of stress on staff and leadership. Sick days, anxiety attacks, substance abuse, hostility are all symptoms. It is estimated that 550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress – not to mention the rise in workplace violence and incivility.

But you don’t need to take my word for it. The American Institute of Stress found that occupational pressure is the #1 cause of stress. When nothing is done to mitigate stress, the result can be physical and mental illness, lost work time, lost productivity and increased health care costs.

The American Psychological Association found that:

  • Workplace stress has a $500 billion impact on the US economy (think of those 550 million workdays)
  • 60-80% of workplace accidents can be traced to stress (safety directors, take note!)
  • 80% of doctor visits are related to stress (rising health care costs – cha-ching!)
Reiki Break

The upside of Reiki (and the ROI) is huge! It is low-cost and can be done over a coffee break. When your staff has the opportunity to relax, rebalance and de-stress – right in the middle of the workday, you’ll see dramatic improvements in engagement, confidence, decision-making, creativity and focus.

Organizations across the country are focused on culture change. Reiki can be the most effective tool in your change management kit – resulting in a culture shift of workplace civility and harmony – and innovation! Creating a positive and healthy culture fosters retention, loyalty, commitment and improved performance, even customer satisfaction rises. What a happy day for the company’s bottom line – in terms of people and profits!

Reiki – for the health of your organization!