Time moves. The seasons change. Each of them have their own distinctive manner and way of representing Earth’s timely decor. Granted, they are beautiful in their own right-in their own time. Simultaneously, they have a way of teaching us their own, particular secrets; life secrets for how we are to move throughout given spaces in Earth’s natural timing.

In much of the Western hemisphere, we are in the season of Autumn. It is synonymous with the pleasure of harvest time. During this period, we are to collect what has been manifested in previous seasons. Hopefully, our crop is plenty. For, it’s all about being able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The Autumn season is akin to Spring in many different ways. Before springtime is the winter season. So often, people find winter to be in slumber. However, what so few individuals understand is that winter is not entirely sleep. The snow (and coldness) serves more as a blanket, which is hiding the surprise. It is during Spring, where the surprise is, revealed.

Within Chinese gardens (and landscapes), there is an awakening. It is consistent. The steady growth means that the crops will soon, arise! Moving into the realm of song, we have one performance of, “The Dawn Of Spring!” Spring is the warmer causin of the Autumn domain. It’s warm and vivacious energy keeps one up to par. The energy is rich and in constant need of re-freshing. Bumblebees. Butterflies. The glittering of the sun. All of it moves with a jovial energy. It is vibrant and vastly surreal. Spring is a reflection of Heaven’s personal gardens, if we are to be specific. In addition, Spring grants us with another chance to absorb as many of its vibes as possible, before we enter into a new season-that being, Autumn! ??

The seasons of the year are not unattached from each other, as so many are led to believe. Frankly speaking, they are interconnected to each other, in ways that we may not have understood. Spring’s radiance of abundance should follow through into the Autumn testimony. Why? Well, sometimes the Autumn ? season has a way for slowing us, down. It’s the same with the winter period. People start to feel sluggish, and mentally trick themselves into thinking they don’t have to be as persistent in pursuing their ambitions. Furthermore, they don’t think they have to have the same level of vibrancy as the Spring and Summer periods. They believe that the spark has simmered down, when that is entirely, untrue.

If we are to gain more connection into our sensory, as individuals, we will come to see how the vivacious energy of Spring and Summer takes place in a more lowkey area, during the periods of Autumn and Winter. Keep in mind that the spark is not gone. It’s just more hidden, and away from our obvious gaze. The colors are not as glowing, or sparkling. Speaking of Autumn ?, we are more in that time of seeing those foundational, darker colors of the Earth. The scents are deeper. Everything is a reflection of the deeper riches of the Earth’s soil; ones which cannot be seen on the service. Autumn is a real gift to humanity, as she uses this time to give us a glimpse into the darker riches of her Being. Dark Reds. Browns. Mustard Yellows. Evergreen Greens. All of these are part of the darkening of Earth’s hidden jewels. And, they carry that same sparkle found in speak; they simply do it in a different way.

During this time, when everything appears to be slowing down ?, let’s remember those Spring-like vibes. It’s within this time when people should transmit that very same energy into the season of Fall. That way we secretly keep our vibrancy alive, during these “slow” times. Creativity or production doesn’t stop. It simply takes place in a different way. Fall into Spring’s versatility, and fruition will magically come, your way.

Bai Hong