Drop the chase and the strategy to cure your burnout. Sacrificing to get to your goal is recipe for success -AND- also a recipe for health disaster!

So what does “sacrifice” actually mean? Giving away a piece of yourself that makes you less than you are. In the aim that it will benefit someone else of something in the future.
Hmmm, how does that look on a cellular level?? It’s straight up toxic.
It depletes your energy…not to mention your current state of bliss and joy.

The thing is that sacrifice is a particular behavior. If you practice it enough it becomes part of your wiring. It’s a habit. It’s your norm. And it could have tremendous meaning. Sacrifice in the name of service and love is certainly powerful and to be honored NOT judged.

I am simply expressing that sacrifice for the sake of giving something up, to suffer and settle in order to achieve something road in someday can be a damaging practice. Because someday does not even exist. That is just a mental construct. All you have is the current moment. And in the NOW you are just really good at suffering. Why would you do that to your body and your soul?
How do you feel in your body and soul right now? Here is the key…can you find meaning in your suffering? Is it deeply connected to your soul’s purpose? Yes?
Well then there is actually NO suffering at all. It dissolves. And “sacrifice” simply becomes effort. And effort is beautiful!!
Effort gives us humans great pleasure.
From this place you still get to produce. You still get to take action. You still get to execute. AND it gets to be in full alignment and self worth. It gets to be about DOING things you LOVE. Taking action that you enjoy.
When you find the love and bliss in the action then you are not “working” anymore. You are playing in pleasure!!

“Oh Dang!!!! I am so wiped. I had to paint pumpkins for like 3 hours already today and now I have to get that playground time in or I’m gonna get off track.”
– said no little kid ever! Right?
High achievers – what the hell did we all do to ourselves??? We used to be blissed out kids. Effort on the playground was FUN, ALIGNED with our souls and never ever felt like work. Now…just the thought of hitting the gym can make you feel drained. Clocking hours of tasks you hate thinking you “have to because no one else is going to do it” depletes every ounce of our creative juice.

Is this any way to live? It’s not how you started out in life.
You want to create brilliant shit from a place of deep joy.
You want to grow a bountiful business inside a meaningful life.
You want to relax into your unique gifts and share them easily.
You want to find ease in the effort.
You know the world needs your brilliant ideas, your bountiful business, and your unique gifts. And you know you cannot serve from a place of burnout.

So what can you do right now to start shifting back to your blissful essence?
In your actions simply notice what you are feeling. What are your body sensations? What are your emotions? You get to decode them…no one else!
Are you feeling resistance of any kind?
It could just be that you are disconnected from your purpose. Maybe in the minutae you forgot WHY you are passionate about your work.
Sometimes remembering it can create a rush of energy back into your systems. You are tapping into the deeper calling of your soul.
Remember, you always get to choose!
Keep doing something in resistance and produce from a place of frustration -OR-
Reconnect and create from a place of joy.