Getaway From The Cold And Recharge Your Batteries

Looking for a way to relax this Christmas and New Year? Why not book a holiday to the Balearics as the perfect Christmas treat. There are still plenty of last minute deals out there, and let me tell you, there is nothing more relaxing than Christmas and New Year than taking a break from home wherever that may be. 

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You Don’t Need To Use Your Work Holiday Allowance

All I can say is that the one thing about a good holiday is that recharges your batteries – especially as I am suggesting getting away over the Christmas period! 

Your Christmas and New Year bank holidays are free. 99.9% of companies give you 4 days bank holiday that does not come off of your yearly holiday allowance.

One place that I always go away fro Christmas (and summer) in Europe is the Balearics . I get a way from all the hype of my own culture, I take my family with me, and it makes a huge difference to my life – especially because it is right in the middle of the winter. At that time when the winter climate is getting to you and summer still seems an age away.

It literally brings life in to perspective. Any holiday does I think, if you choose the right destination that is.

Here is my experience of one of my number one places to visit every year. We always hire a yacht via a company called There are probably others you can choose from too, but this is the one we use and they fully deserve the mention here because they always make our holiday a pleasurable one.

The Balearic Islands offer a holiday destination with a difference. It is a perfect choice for those looking to bask in glorious temperatures while choosing an environment that suits their personal needs. See more here from for location, more climate info, and a general idea of how these islands are laid out.  

Where are the Balearics?

Situated in the alluring Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Balearic Islands are located east of the Spanish mainland. Four major islands make up this archipelago, each with its own distinct character.

Sunseekers will bask in summer temperatures that range between 26-31 Deg C and can expect up to 11 hours of sunshine each day, but whatever time of year you choose to visit, temperatures are pleasant and relaxation guaranteed.

However, over the Christmas period the temperatures are slightly lower, but still perfect for that Christmas and New Year feel. You will still get temperatures of up to  16 Deg C.


Which island should you choose?

Below we will give a very brief overview of each island. The reality of which island is best for you and your party will really depend upon what type of holiday you are looking for, but we will also offer a solution that offers a unique experience and allows you to get a taste of these beautiful islands from a different perspective.


For those seeking peace, quite, relaxation and tranquility, the smallest of the 4 islands is Formentera. Pristine beaches, hidden coves, quaint restaurants and accommodation to suit all needs will be yours to embrace.

Those who enjoy scuba-diving and snorkeling will be in their element here with underwater scenery that will amaze. Trips to the islands famed lighthouses of La Mola and Es Cap de Barbaria are also excursions that should not be missed.

Formentera is certainly the most low-key island of the Balearics, but this makes it absolutely perfect for those looking to recharge their batteries and spend quality time with their loved ones.


Just 6 kilometers from Formentera, Ibiza is renowned for its world-class nightlife, chic restaurants and laid-back atmosphere.

While it is undoubtedly where the party-set choose to visit, there is far more to Ibiza than meets the eye.

The historic, UNESCO listed Ibiza Old Town is a very pleasant place to pass the day with an excellent choice of shops, cafes and eateries, but once you delve deeper into the island pleasant surprises await. There are countless hidden beaches to discover, laid-back artisan villages to spend time in, yoga retreats to take advantage of and exclusive resorts where spa treatments and luxurious living are yours to experience.


Located to the northeast of Mallorca, Menorca offers a far more laid-back experience than both Mallorca or Ibiza. Those seeking glorious beaches, hidden coves and an interior of pleasant countryside will find exactly what they are searching for on Menorca.

It is ideal for anyone looking to relax in natural surroundings while taking walks through the peaceful countryside and along quiet beaches. This tranquility can be mixed with interesting visits to the islands capital of Mao (Mahon) as well as the picturesque port of Ciutadella with its beautiful old town.


We have left the largest of the Balearic Islands to last and as would be imagined, Mallorca offers a far wider variety of things to do and places to see than the other 3 islands.

The capital city is La Palma de Mallorca which is modern, yet retains charm in the extremely attractive old quarter with its stunning Gothic cathedral that really is a must-see.

There are countless beach clubs, gourmet-standard restaurants, live shows and chic nightclubs for those based in the capital to choose from, but once again, the island really does offer lots more.

To the south there are clubbing towns for those wishing to let their hair down, while anyone looking for peace and calm should head to the northern coast.

Small mountain villages, secluded resorts and wonderful scenery will be yours to enjoy. One recommendation for those looking to explore this coast is to make the journey from Palma on the old wooden Soller train. This will take you through the mountain villages and really is a trip worthy of mention.

While many see Mallorca as a busy, commercial island it should not be forgotten that it is an extremely popular destination for those with country pursuits such as hiking and mountain biking in mind.

Anyone with such interests at heart will delight in visiting the Serra de Tramuntana. This stunning mountain range stretches almost 90km and is known as the backbone of Mallorca.

If it is natural beauty, scenic routes and historic landmarks you are after then this area is a must. While visiting you will come across 2 lakes as well as historic towns and villages that make for interesting stops. It is also recommended that you pay a visit to the revered Lluc Monastery.

An alternative excursion worthy of attention:

Whichever of the 4 islands you choose there is one excursion that will really make your holiday complete.

That is to take a luxury yacht charter. This can be done as a full day excursion, or for those wishing to prolong the experience, over several days while sleeping onboard in luxurious cabins.

The private hire of a luxury yacht for your party really will be the highlight of any holiday in the Balearics.

By choosing to hire an exclusive yacht with all the amenities you require, and placing yourselves in the care of an experienced, fully qualified captain and crew, this really will provide an unforgettable experience.

Your fun-filled excursion will begin early and once aboard, the only thing you will need worry about is how active you wish to be.

As you sail out into the alluring Mediterranean Sea to visit hidden coves and deserted beaches some of your party will choose total relaxation while enjoying the scenery, for others it will be making full use of the onboard facilities and exploring new beaches and coves each time a pause in your journey is taken.

There will be onboard catering, relaxation areas in and out of the shade, exclusive water toys to make full use of, and when it is time to slow the adrenaline rush, anchor can be dropped at a beachside restaurant that will allow you and your party to spend time over a very relaxed lunch.

The beautiful Balearics – The choice really is yours:

While we have only touched upon the diversity of holiday available in the Balearics, one thing is for sure; the 4 islands offer something for everyone.

Similar to countless others in search of a holiday to remember, once visited, this stunning archipelago will be on your radar to return time and time again.


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