Tonight, I recreated our first encounter.

You were answering a wealthy client who wanted to spin the head of his lover at the Vienna Opera Ball.
I was in charge of making up for the debutantes. 
Sitting in a theatre box during rehearsals, I contemplated the ballroom without imagining myself as one of the guests. 
You came in, surprised I got up, and you smiled. You were looking for the best view over the ballroom. 

My dancing partner came out. 

Our paths crossed again and we danced backstage.

So, let’s continue to dance as at the dawn of our encounter, from the opening of this ball, which will never end. During the whirls of the waltz, hold on tighter without letting me go during this dance, emblematic metaphor of our life. This choreography where it is necessary to be two, where it is necessary to be worthy, where a false step is forbidden as the image of life. 

In the turbulences of confinement, we will have managed to be dancers and to recover without wavering. You will be happy to have been invited to this frivolous and musical turmoil.

To be continued …


  • fabienneherbane


    Fabienne Herbane graduated from  Paris IX Dauphine University in management and got a Master in  sociology of organizations. Then she became a professional in the Air Transport Industry. Surprisingly she leaves the Industry. Her real passion was elsewhere. During her Master she enjoyed studying, reading and she discovered the diversity of Cultures and Traditions. Mixed with childhood dreams this triggered her decision to start a new life. Her curiosity to learn, her open mind were enriched while traveling. She focussed her experience, her ability for observation on the understanding and the respect of traditions in this modern world. Writing is her literary and lively way to share her passion and her human adventures.