Your job makes you find romantic places for evenings that would have the taste of improvisation. It’s my turn! Would our place be suitable for a memorable romantic dinner without deception about my cooking skills? 

In culinary fashion, I work inspiration without book or net with a simplicity guided by intuition, curiosity, variety but the inability to excite the taste buds with the same recipe. I love the pots and especially the wooden spoons but more for their decor than for their functions! More robotics and the clogging of stoves, pans, scales and ingredients frighten me on the verge of agoraphobia.

I will not go into molecular cooking or raw food of ecological plates.“Les délices de l’escargot” et “la forêt noire à la blancheur fondante » don’t invite me to eat a salad or dig into a dessert.

To bring a meal alive and offer you a cuisine that awakens your senses, I found a timeless succession of à la carte choices that would make up our heady menu. Let yourself be seduced by a culinary art that links the cooking of colors by sprinkling them with freshness, a hint of pepper, a hint of astonishment and perfumes. The conditioning consists in receiving on your lips the different savory, bitter and sweet tastes arranged here and there in cups. Then I set up a long table lined with all our plates, cutlery and rows of glasses that encircle the basket of broken bread. On an improvised sideboard, I offer you, in addition to the water, a bottle of absinthe which I found lost at the bottom of a cupboard; this magic emerald elixir will do the trick! 

In authorized stores, I vainly looked for ambrosia to give you immortality, wild sea buckthorn berries to make you a soup that would strengthen your body and I also thought of pomegranate juice sturgeon, but finally I only found rice.

The greedy and itinerant moral of this story ends with the service of an imposing pilaf rice dome for unique dishes. 

I still doubt that you’ll let me organize our culinary journeys!

To be continued…


  • fabienneherbane


    Fabienne Herbane graduated from  Paris IX Dauphine University in management and got a Master in  sociology of organizations. Then she became a professional in the Air Transport Industry. Surprisingly she leaves the Industry. Her real passion was elsewhere. During her Master she enjoyed studying, reading and she discovered the diversity of Cultures and Traditions. Mixed with childhood dreams this triggered her decision to start a new life. Her curiosity to learn, her open mind were enriched while traveling. She focussed her experience, her ability for observation on the understanding and the respect of traditions in this modern world. Writing is her literary and lively way to share her passion and her human adventures.