Because what I found in you was a teenager’s dream: to feel safe from prying eyes, protected in a slight half-light, just lit by your halo of fondness, warmed by your smile, lulled by your embraces and your loving silence where I gradually abandon myself serene, confident and free. 
Because you are the man of my days, my nights, my lives, who haunts my thoughts and inspires me with love. 

The man I love, admire and respect. 
Nothing on your part moves me and makes me vibrate to the depths of my soul. Your body at once block of burning desire and nest of subtle sweetness makes me melt and fall into the unconscious of ecstasy. I love you profoundly: a confession? No, an eternal profession of faith. 
By the fact that:  «I love only you, I admired only you, I desire only you», is also a declaration of the can’t wait that Napoleon I already addressed to Marie Waleska.

Why this emergency? 

Because seconds defy time and accelerate to run after a racing heart or to tame the chills that pierce the skin.

Because I realize that you are a unique man who crystallizes every moment to fill me. 

Because your charm supplants all paradigms.

Because your heart exults with a love that fills me with happiness and can no longer wait…

To be continued …


  • fabienneherbane


    Fabienne Herbane graduated from  Paris IX Dauphine University in management and got a Master in  sociology of organizations. Then she became a professional in the Air Transport Industry. Surprisingly she leaves the Industry. Her real passion was elsewhere. During her Master she enjoyed studying, reading and she discovered the diversity of Cultures and Traditions. Mixed with childhood dreams this triggered her decision to start a new life. Her curiosity to learn, her open mind were enriched while traveling. She focussed her experience, her ability for observation on the understanding and the respect of traditions in this modern world. Writing is her literary and lively way to share her passion and her human adventures.