I write to you in a mood of intimate seduction preserved and discreet. To do this, I decided to hide behind a screen and to adorn myself with silk, vaporous taffetas as a sign of shyness, respect, modesty and paradoxically sensuality. 
I recreate the influence of the East, India and its wind palaces by letting you guess the ripples of my silhouette through this moucharabieh, to awaken your stealth gazes. At nightfall, when you come to lay down the burden of your day, I will pull down the bed canopy to darken our place full of mysteries and emotions. Will you be able to decipher my fragrance and play on the keyboard of my sensitivity?

My black-rimmed eyelashes will beat imperceptibly with apprehension and ready to enter the other world, I will cross its threshold when your desire delicately strikes me  leaving only my skin adorned.
At that moment, I will indulge in a slow and continuous gesture to an intuitive dance: my fingers will brush your face and we will go further and further in this journey … 
After this initiatory trip, I will devote myself to massaging your body: my hands will interact with your back and then with your belly to convey my energy, emphasize on your muscular tensions and relieve them. 
What will happen then? 

Airborn bodies, disoriented, intoxicated, incandescent with the joy of the first fondness and the exulting emotions, our merging thoughts will release whispers when the infused love infiltrates until the voluptuousness. 

I give you our story which resembles us in its form of seduction, breaths, sighs, nervous reactions and where we must at all costs respect its veiled privacy and restrained intimacy.

To be continued …


  • fabienneherbane


    Fabienne Herbane graduated from  Paris IX Dauphine University in management and got a Master in  sociology of organizations. Then she became a professional in the Air Transport Industry. Surprisingly she leaves the Industry. Her real passion was elsewhere. During her Master she enjoyed studying, reading and she discovered the diversity of Cultures and Traditions. Mixed with childhood dreams this triggered her decision to start a new life. Her curiosity to learn, her open mind were enriched while traveling. She focussed her experience, her ability for observation on the understanding and the respect of traditions in this modern world. Writing is her literary and lively way to share her passion and her human adventures.