You are magic. You are existence itself bottled up in a human body. Your real self exists beyond the confines of this galaxy.

There is nothing small about you, and you are here, right at this moment in time, for a reason. You came to complete an important mission, and all of your experiences have been designed to show you what that mission is. There is no such thing as a mediocre life in the Big Plan. No one is here to just tag along.

It’s my dream that no human on Earth arrives at the end of their life feeling repentant for not having lived to their maximum potential.

Be wild, be open, be willing to change, dare to love, be simple, be wise, follow your dreams with passion, infuse your every day with purpose, soar through the limitations of your mind and see for yourself that the being that exists beneath is the most wonderful of beings: you.

You have the power to change this world, starting with yourself. You are the agent that this world needs right now. Do not wait for someone else to step up.

Be willing to shed skins as many times as necessary. Transform into the person that you want to be. You can start right now, no process necessary. Big and real changes start with one moment, one decision, one choice. You have that ability in you, so use it.

And for the sake of all humanity, do it now. We need you to start living your life’s purpose. Everyone needs to be in their place and play their part for this Earth to become the heaven that it was always intended for it to be.

Imagine a world where only happy humans exist. Imagine a world where love, fraternity, abundance and beauty are the pillars of society. Imagine what it would look like – how the houses, the roads, science, activities, interactions, transportation and families would look and behave. It is not only possible to have this world; it ́s also our right. It doesn’t need to take much time.

And it starts with you.

There is no time to lose. Why would you want to waste time? Why would you want to live a mediocre life? Would you really be content with that?

Are you really happy, feeling like your days are full of life and love? Do you really go to bed with a smile on your face? Do you really wake up every morning with a desire to see what the day presents? Do you really connect with other humans and serve, laugh and enjoy? Are you putting your talents to use in the service of humanity?

If so, great. Thank you for participating in the world and being an agent of change. If not, join us, as we need you now. Use these tools, discover your own tools and start weaving the new reality.

It ́s imminent. We all have to wake up and remember what we are here for. Now!

When I was a child, I read an article in Reader ́s Digest about the future. It painted a picture of everything so automated that humans would have all the time in the world to enjoy life, to travel, to be creative and to explore. However, we have instead set-up a strange world where we have to work to survive, and we survive only to perish, but that is not the only possible outcome. We can alter this outcome and be free.

Everything in this world has changed, and it will continue to change forevermore. Nothing is stagnant. Look around and see how the world looks nothing like it did 50 years ago, and certainly nothing like it did 400 years ago. The idea that the world will stay the same is a result of us only seeing the small picture. We are only one fragment of the tapestry of humanity. This decade is nothing but a blink of an eye. This world is nothing but the product of the humans who inhabit it at any given time. We are not dependent on, or victims of, the future; the future depends on us. World leaders are nothing without the collective.

It’s time to stop believing that we have no choice over the fate of the Earth. We do.

All major changes across the history of humanity happened because of a human being. Every huge discovery, every social revolution, every change in the paradigm of the collective started with just a few, and those few started with one. It only takes one open vessel to allow something new to be downloaded onto this Earth.

Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

The question is, are you in or are you out? Are you going to keep being dragged, or are you willing to step up and wake up, so that the divine can come through you?

Now is the time. Let the wildest game begin.