Pausing for Peace

As 2020 comes to its end, I reflect back to what I would’ve liked to have remembered at this time last year, and what lessons I’ve learned in 2020 that I’ll bring with me into 2021. The year has not only felt like a fast-paced continual state of change, but also a contradictory great pause and a time to reset.

After yoga and meditation, my mantra became to remember why I do what I do. To remember why I started this path of promoting peace. To pivot often and continue on my path with a deep faith that somehow I’ll be provided for. To keep moving forward and doing the best I can with what I have.

To be aware that we’ll always have peaks and valleys. To embrace the journey, seeing all the good that’s around in this moment now, as we sit in gratitude for all the doors that will open.

Envisioning flowing through life with ease and grace, handling all situations effortlessly.

I hope you do the same! With love and gratitude for a peaceful new year.